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30 Apr

Sen'jin Beakblade Longrifle

This thing is beautiful to me.  But troubling.  You see, as a hunter – I love the long bow – which I see as the quintessential fantasy hunter weapon.  

Legolas had a bow…

Crow had a bow… 

All the Final Fantasy Archer classes came with awesome little chibi bows….

Yet – the Sen’jin Beakblade Longrifle (great name too IMHO) is an Argent Tournament reward that comes from a people that have an affinity for *bows*.

Shenanigans?  I think so.  For whatever reason many hunters seem to prefer guns – and in particular they seem to really love the StarCraft looking things that popped up in Wrath of the Lich King.  I know many of  you love your Nessingwary 4000’s and the like, but personally – I want my hunter wielding something that doesn’t look like it was cobbled together by space gnomes fighting the Zerg.  

While Rainchaser got her Drake Mounted Crossbow on her first run to Heroic Utgarde Keep – she’s been pining away for an Arrowsong or one of the gladiator longbows.  Until she can get some more time in Nax or find an arena team – I think the Longrifle may do it for her.

I still don’t care for guns all that much – but this one is a beauty.


1 Windpaw Cool Point for anyone that can tell me what movie Crow was from!


To Gank Horde

29 Apr

imgresWait…I’m Horde.

You don’t gank your own faction.  It just doesn’t work that way.  But oohh – lately, I want to so bad.

Why?  Because my server is filling up with so many thoughtless, me-first, gimme-gimme ninja players that it makes me just BLEED FROM THE EYES.

Fitting – because most of them…okay…all of them I’ve encountered are Blood Elves….

There you are – minding your own business – taking care of your dailies.  You run into Hibernal Cavern and see a room full of the happy black slimes you need to polish up Hodir’s Helm.

“I’ll take that one on the left,” you think and start to throw a hunters mark up on it.

[The Turbo Charger Sound of a Rogue Popping Sprint]

Suddenly a blood elf rogue races into the room ahead of you – tags ALL OF THE SLIMES and merrily goes about butchering them.

You’re peeved – but what are you going to do?  Call him out?


Bitch about him in /trade or /general?

/ridiculed by all

Suck it up and look for more slimes?

/yeah – prolly.

So enter Noble Garden – or as I like to call it “The Great Egg-Campa-Thon”.  There you are – basket in hand trying to work your way through Razor Hill in order to beat one of the many camping bunnies to an egg.  You find one.   Then bang – another BELF comes up behind you as you’re starting to click on the egg – stands right on top of you – and clips your ability to open the egg.  They ninja it out from under  you.  Then they run over to another player and do it again.

What’s worse?  This happens so much that it’s leading others to do the same.  It’s a crappy cycle, you start out with this small cadre of ass-monkeys and as it slowly but surely affects the “normal” players  you get a whole server full of ass-monkeys.

And you can’t GANK any of them.

I don’t know about the rest of you – but I’m waiting for the day when I can “go to war” with *any* faction in the game.

There are some players that were never taught manners by their parents.  Either that or the lessons just didnt’ stick.  In my increasingly aggrivated opinion, the best way to deal with them is to GANK them and then CAMP their bodies until the message sinks in.

“Whoa there Windpaw – you’re on an RP server – maybe you need a change of venue?  I think the all the ERP and all the vampire-cat-girls with eyepatches and tragic backstories are starting to take their toll.”


But even if I transfer back to a PvP server – I’d have to roll Alliance in order to camp these losers.

And we *all* know the Alliance is full of the same kinds of players – it’s what drove many of us to the Horde in the first place.


With any faction.

Whenever I want.

It’s the only answer.


[Todays Message does not apply to Klinderas who we all know to be a fine, upstanding citizen of the Horde. Nor is it a rant against Blood Elf kind. This is simply one player who tries to be polite and accomodating to others finally getting fed up with all the mob-tagging, egg ninjaing, fills up mah trade channel with soft porn, players. You need some fat hairy dwarf to turn you over their mailed knee and give you a good spanking with Rhok’Delar!]


Messy Cow

27 Apr

pic_messycowI ran across this (sadly now defunct) WOW web comic last week.  Had to share.  Not only is the art entertaining (to me) – but the story made Windpaw all misty eyed thinking back to his first days playing the game.  The main character is a female Tauren Shaman – which gets cool points all on its own.  Do yourself a favor – start from the begining – blow about twenty minutes reading them all 🙂

In Soviet Russia – The Kinks Work You Out…

24 Apr

Hey folks – just a general update post today: Muse is on strike at the moment thanks to work – I’m hoping I can lure him back with promises of regular pumpkin pie.  Sometimes it works.

In other news, Laser Kitty is in the stables and I’m sad.  Rain’ got hit by the flavor of the month bus and specced survival after the free talent reset.  I’ve been tooling around trying to workout shot rotations and cursing because I’ve had to bind so many new keys just to function.

The kinks though – they’re working themselves out – and the burst damage?  It’s like a wedding cake to the face every single time.  I can’t wait to try it out in a heroic.

That said, there will be no heroics for Rain’ until the following two things happen:

  1. She finishes grinding up  the money for epic flight (800G to go!)
  2. Windpaw levels to 80

The long and painful slog to 5000G is almost over.  After that I need to start looking at dual spec training (another 1000G gone) and start thinking about saving for a supah-spiffy flyer.  

Most of my rather sparse game time has been spent doing Argent Tournament dailies (should hit Champion today) and grinding along with the Son’s of Hodir.  

The only *new* thing to really speak of is a list of near and long term goals I’m trying to work up for Rainchaser.  At the moment it looks kinda like this:

Near Term:

  1. Epic Flight Training
  2. My Next Piece of PvP Gear
  3. Get in to Nax – somehow….

Long Term:

  1. Champion of the Frozen Wastes (I’ll get there…)
  2. Arrowsong
  3. Exalted with Son’s of Hodir

Real Long Term:

  1. Conqueror Title (If I lumped all the rep from all my toons – I’d  have it….)
  2. Ambassador Title
  3. Seeker Title

These smell like my goals at the moment – but maybe I’m overlooking something.  How about you?  What are your in game goals right now?  Do you have any?

Guyz Im Thinkin Bout jOinin a Raiding guild k?

21 Apr

##Windpaw note: edited this after it’s already been viewed a fair bit…didn’t like the way it smelled….

Okay – before I get too far down this road let me first say a few things about this post:

1) No – I’m not hunting a raiding guild

2) I have ZERO problems with raiding guilds or the raiding side of the game

3) It’s a game – do what’s fun

That said – I present todays post in hopes that some of you that are looking to leave your current guild can do so like mature adults.  It’s a lot to ask some – but here goes:

First, there are really only two kinds of guilds in World of Warcraft:

1) Those that raid

2) Those that don’t

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I Quiver…

17 Apr

side-quiver This post is brought to  you today by “The Angry Butterfly” – Negs wrote a great piece about the loss of her ammo bag and the slow but sure dumbification of WOW.  It’s a great read and the inspiration for my own rambling today.

First off – all the hunters around here now know that they no longer need their quiver right?


You’ve taken it off your bag bar haven’t  you?  You haven’t?  WHAT?  SRSLY?  Hey – look up here at my angry-eyes – not at the ground!  Hunter, you’ve been given a great gift you know that?  You now have a whole new bag slot!  More room for loot! More room for craftable stuff!  More room for your arrows….

Yeah – your arrows go in those same bags.  Yeah – that’s kinda lame, I agree.  Oh sure, they they stack better – you get a 1000 arrows a stack – but it’s still kinda lame.  Makes me feel sorta like an old school Warlock without the whole death/fear thing.

Still though – this is a good!  Extra bag space!  Arrows stack to 1000!


Yes I know that means you can put like 28,000 arrows in your quiver now.

But don’t do that.

Why would you do that?  Have you added up how much that would COST?  What about the BAG?  You get another BAG!


If you haven’t heard the QQ thunder out of the official hunter forums, I’ll tell you for free that the hunter community seems fairly underwhelmed with Blizzards latest change to our class and not surprisingly we all seem underwhelmed for different reasons.

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An Honest Question About Realms…

16 Apr

My toons live on Moon Guard.

For better or worse.

I’ve heard tell that Moon Guard is supposed to be this RP Mecca or something.  I haven’t seen it honestly – but then – despite my penchant for WOW fan fiction, I don’t RP all that much.  I mean, I’m happy to RP with someone if they initiate it, but I don’t go out of my way to look for it.

Oh…to be clear…ERP is not the RP I was looking for.

Yes – I play a female Tauren Hunter / Warrior /Shaman

No I am not female.

You’re thinking: HAWT! – Classy She-Tauren – just like Negs!

When the reality is much more more hairy…So uh…please stop with the /whispers – 0_0

Yeah – lets leave that uncomfortable mental image behind and move on…(please)  The problem that I have stumbled onto is that the only thing I really care for on my server is the fact that all of my toon names were available when I rolled here.


I *do* enjoy casual RP – but honestly – I prefer PvP.  My enjoyment of RP realms tends to come from the open mindedness of the players vs. any real desire to role-play my way through the game.

So where do I find a decent realm with fast battleground queues – a good horde community – and good people?  I’m seriously thinking about going back to an RP-PvP realm or the like simply because it feels more “pure”.  No more getting /whispers from some pissed off level 8 horde alt because they’re mad you ROFLSTOMPED their alliance main in the battlegrounds, or got to some ore / herb / daily quest target before they did.

What realm do you play on?  Why?  What works / doesn’t work for you?  Why would you never leave – or why are you already packing your bags?  Just kinda curious as to what’s prompted your movements around the WOWosphere and what it has taken for you to really find a “home” so to speak.