LFG – Soon to DIAF?

14 Dec

The new looking for group tool has been with us for about a week now.  In that time I think I’ve had a taste of all the good / bad / ugly that it has to offer.  For the moment – I’m a solid proponent of the tool and believe that it has brought more good to *my* game than not.

Here are some thoughts about things I see and stuff I’m sure we’ve all experienced (in no particular order…)

:: Tank in Hurry ::

Yup – you know them – the speedy tank – one of the 4 other silent killers that have shown up in your random heroic.  They don’t say much, (who does?) but from the very first pull until the last boss drops they’re relentless….chain pulling machines….silent vessels of carnage.

Even when the healer is OOM.

Now, since I rock a mana bar I enjoy stopping from time to time to knock back some Kungaloosh and maybe take a look around.  I mean – I don’t *need to* – I do have Aspect of the Viper and all – but if you wanna take a breather, I’m there for you man.

I know a lot of this RUSH, RUSH, RUSH is because there are a lot of Greater Internet Fuckwads out there that will drop  your group because you’re pulling too slow.  So – it’s cool – I get it – you can’t win.  Either you’re pulling too slow or your pulling too fast and either way people are bitching.  Me?  I’m there for  you either way.  I learned a long time ago that the time moving between pulls is best spent in Viper – so I’ll be ready.  My blue bar might not be topped off – but you know what?  It doesn’t need to be.  Sure – I’ll take a dps hit if I have to pop it in the middle of a fight – but even in viper I’m still doing twice as much damage as that poor warrior still using Ingvar’s Monolithic Cleaver.

:: Rock Da Meterz ::

I love recount.  It teaches me things, it lets me know if I’m on par with the rest of my dps peers, or if I’m jacking up my shot priorities during movement or if I’m (gawd forbid) *missing*.  Knowing how much damage I’m doing from fight to fight gives me feedback on how I’m performing – how I’m doing my job.  It is by no means *all of my job* and if my name falls out of that top spot from fight to fight, it doesn’t send me into a trinket popping, aggro ripping frenzy trying to get it back.  My recount is a tape measure – something that lets me see where I’m at and how far maybe I need to go.

Some of you though – for some of you – recount is everything.  It is your reason to live.  You watch those numbers like they contain secret messages from the gods.  Like a proper proselyte  you take those words and spam them in party chat after EVERY – SINGLE – PULL.

Look deeps-peeps – recount is undoubtedly your friend – but the tank and the healer are probably running their own copies and you spamming pull by pull dps reports in party chat is benefiting nothing.  If someone *asks* for recount numbers – by all means – spam away.  Otherwise – lets keep it to ourselves.

:: CC is your FRIEND dammit! ::

So there we were – Heroic Halls of Reflection – the best new heroic since….*forever*.  We’re jammed up in the first waves of fallen heroes – things aren’t going well.  The pug tank is T9 geared and his druid healer is rolling the hots like a pro – but coordination is lacking (no one talks in these things remember?)  So the tank seems to be viewing my attempts to CC the marksman or mages as a *challenge* or something.  Invariably as I lock down one of these guys so the dps can concentrate on the priest or one of the mercenaries, the tank will break out and heroic throw or *RUN* out to get the CC’d mob so he can try to wrap all the bad guys back up in his happy little zone of control.

Eventually the damage from all these targets just goes way beyond anything the healer can contain and people start to die.

Because we’re all silent killers we assume that everyone else knows the kill order.  We assume that the tank knows to use CC as an opportunity to take less damage while his dps executes that proper kill order to focus fire targets down.  The reality is that half the time in a pug the dps are all focusing their *own* targets and nothing is dying quick enough.

In sloppy “old” heroics – this is fine.  In these new hawt heroics – it’ll get you killed.

For you new tanks – you folks that never tanked in vanilla or BC – listen up.  Crown Control is your friend.  It is not a slight on your abilities as a tank.  It is not a new target to point a shockwave at.  Because it stands still does not mean it wants to be a heroic throw target.

In the old days dps were given the ability to crowd control in order to help the party out.  Targets that are CC’d are not beating on the tank – thus the healer can actually blink between global cooldowns and maybe even throw a hot on someone else that’s taken some splash damage.  I know this is hard to believe – but if you wind up with a group that knows how to CC – recognize it as the gift that it is.

:: Fail DPS ::

Doing great dps isn’t as easy as some might make it out to be.  If it were – places like OutDPS would have ZERO readership and the Elitist Jerks would just be Jerks that are Gud At teh Maths.  For new 80’s used to the gentle ride that are normal Lich King dungeons, the world of hit ratings, shot priorities, and pve specific builds can be a bit of wake up call.   With a good guild, the gear problem can be sorted out pretty quickly, but all of that new purple gear doesn’t do as much good as you might like if  you don’t know your class mechanics.

Pug deeps comes in all flavors.  The good kind, the awesome kind, and of course – the completely fail kind.  Last night in a pug Halls of Lightning, the two top DPS were my hunter and the pally tank.   In Rain’s case – her dps was easily double that of the warrior and DK that were sharing damage duty.  I don’t say that because her dps was *amazing* – but because the dps from the other two players was so abysmally poor.  One was pulling around 1k dps on AoE fights only and the warrior – the warrior didn’t break the 700’s overall by the time we killed Loken.  Ultimately it didn’t matter.  With Rain’ in the 3-5k range and the pally pulling an easy 3k we more than made up for the entry level dps numbers.  There were no wipes – no name calling and no drama.  But the happy, friendly pugs that Rain’ likes aren’t always the happy friendly pugs you get.  Take a sampling from the official forums and you’ll see some serious posturing going on about the bads in every part of the game.

:: In Conclusion – You Get Out What You Put In… ::

So there you go – that’s just some of the distilled elixir that I’ve found the cross server LFG tool to truly be.  Now that it’s a week old things really seem to be settling down.  The thin skinned have moved on to looking for groups with guildies or folks in their local realm trade chat, not happy with the random groups or the random dungeons and not happy with the fact that some of the people we share this game with are sociopathic, glue eating, hate-fish.

Me?  I love everyone – seriously.  Life’s too short to get bent out of shape with a slow moving tank or bad dps.  On the rare occasion that I run into a real ass-hat – I just shrug it off.

I mean – why bother?  Why try to bandy words with a mouth breathing hate-fish?  They’re in love with the sound of their own voice and me?  Me – I’m just going to spend my time doing things that matter….like misdirecting the biggest meanest mobs I can find, right into their face.


6 Responses to “LFG – Soon to DIAF?”

  1. Maebius December 14, 2009 at 22:13 #

    I’ve heard recount is somewhat “broken” in the x-server groups due to the way it uses a custom chat-channel to send & record info from the combat logs. Sicne you cna not whisper orprivate-chat with more peopel on other servers, their damage is not measured if beyond a certain range due ot the way combat logs are “broadcast”. I think it’s around 20 yards or so. Abyssmal DPS may just be “ranged” DPS. 🙂

  2. Windpaw December 14, 2009 at 23:15 #

    That’s a really good point. It certainly would affect fights like Ionar in HoL where half the group ran one direction and the rest ran another. For the most part though – enough data was gathered to show the tanks very solid performance compared to his two melee dps. As I was standing close enough to the tank to get a full read on his damage – I’m ostensibly close enough to the melee dps too.

    Most of the heroic fights keep us inside the band that is audible to recount. For those fights that aren’t – well – the overall numbers can at least give us a ballpark number to work with.

    The main thing is to not treat them as gospel – which most dps love to do.

  3. troutrooper December 14, 2009 at 23:49 #

    “Me? I love everyone – seriously. Life’s too short to get bent out of shape with a slow moving tank or bad dps. On the rare occasion that I run into a real ass-hat – I just shrug it off.”


    Some of the best pugs I’ve run with/heard of are some of the worst. Had a resto druid who didn’t use hots or heal anyone other than the tank. Me wife healed a guild run (4 from one guild, she was the pug) where none of them did more than 1.5k dps. But in both cases, the failpuggers were elated to have had a smooth run. “OMG This was the best run ever! Thank you so much! :D” (nearly an actual quote) By doing your job and not being a douche, you can make someone else’s day in WoW. To me, that’s worth a wipe or two.

  4. Morane December 15, 2009 at 18:08 #

    I rolled up a discipline priest to do the ‘level through instances only’ thing and last night we had a ‘Tank in a Hurry’ for Deadmines. Arms specc’d and sporting a 2H axe. We also had the mandatory :

    Heal Me! Mage

    and a

    Totems are for Wusses! Shaman

    The rogue was pretty good though. I bet he could have sapped if the tank had given him a moment.


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