In Soviet Russia – The Kinks Work You Out…

24 Apr

Hey folks – just a general update post today: Muse is on strike at the moment thanks to work – I’m hoping I can lure him back with promises of regular pumpkin pie.  Sometimes it works.

In other news, Laser Kitty is in the stables and I’m sad.  Rain’ got hit by the flavor of the month bus and specced survival after the free talent reset.  I’ve been tooling around trying to workout shot rotations and cursing because I’ve had to bind so many new keys just to function.

The kinks though – they’re working themselves out – and the burst damage?  It’s like a wedding cake to the face every single time.  I can’t wait to try it out in a heroic.

That said, there will be no heroics for Rain’ until the following two things happen:

  1. She finishes grinding up  the money for epic flight (800G to go!)
  2. Windpaw levels to 80

The long and painful slog to 5000G is almost over.  After that I need to start looking at dual spec training (another 1000G gone) and start thinking about saving for a supah-spiffy flyer.  

Most of my rather sparse game time has been spent doing Argent Tournament dailies (should hit Champion today) and grinding along with the Son’s of Hodir.  

The only *new* thing to really speak of is a list of near and long term goals I’m trying to work up for Rainchaser.  At the moment it looks kinda like this:

Near Term:

  1. Epic Flight Training
  2. My Next Piece of PvP Gear
  3. Get in to Nax – somehow….

Long Term:

  1. Champion of the Frozen Wastes (I’ll get there…)
  2. Arrowsong
  3. Exalted with Son’s of Hodir

Real Long Term:

  1. Conqueror Title (If I lumped all the rep from all my toons – I’d  have it….)
  2. Ambassador Title
  3. Seeker Title

These smell like my goals at the moment – but maybe I’m overlooking something.  How about you?  What are your in game goals right now?  Do you have any?


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