Guyz Im Thinkin Bout jOinin a Raiding guild k?

21 Apr

##Windpaw note: edited this after it’s already been viewed a fair bit…didn’t like the way it smelled….

Okay – before I get too far down this road let me first say a few things about this post:

1) No – I’m not hunting a raiding guild

2) I have ZERO problems with raiding guilds or the raiding side of the game

3) It’s a game – do what’s fun

That said – I present todays post in hopes that some of you that are looking to leave your current guild can do so like mature adults.  It’s a lot to ask some – but here goes:

First, there are really only two kinds of guilds in World of Warcraft:

1) Those that raid

2) Those that don’t

In these two super categories you can basically lump most of the known guild types:

(srs raiderz, casual guilds, pvp guilds, alt guilds, family guilds, emo cat-girl vampire erp guilds)


Regardless of where your guild falls in the greater taxonomy  you either RAID or YOU DON’T.  

And that’s life.

 SrsBznz Raid Guilds often take a lot of flack over the effort, discipline and time that they devote to the game.  They’re also the ones with the gear and the titles and like it or not – folks dig that.   So you see lots of guilds that DON’T RAID work really hard to recruit and build their base of regular players up to 80.  Through heroics they manage to gain some gear, pretty soon they’re looking at becoming one of those GUILDS  THAT RAID.  That’s usually when things start to get ugly.

Why?  Because we’re not all created equal.  There are guildies that always progress faster than others.  Gifted with ample amounts of game time and great skills / gear – they start heading off into Nax and OS ahead of everyone else.  They start to get geared.  They start to taste what life’s like in one of those guilds THAT RAID.

Suddenly – all the folks in their old guild start to seem a little slow.  Their missteps in instances – embarassing.  They start to think THESE GUYZ ARE GOING NOWHERE!  They start to talk to other guilds, start looking for a new home.  It’s kinda hard.  They like everyone in their old guild – but – THESE GUYZ ARE GOING NOWHERE!

Over time their inner turmoil finds a new home.

Guild Chat.

So – stop.  Just stop.  If your enjoyment of the game has taken a hit because YOU WANT TO RAID and YOUR GUILD ISN”T THERE YET.  Do us all a favor.  


Really – just leave.  Grab a guild officer or the GM and tell them straight up *privately* – that you’re going to move on.  No dramatics – no /wrist because everyone in your old guild is so great and you hate to leave them and you’ll seriously be back to help out when it comes time for them to start raiding Nax or trying Sarth with some drakes still up.  Whatever.  Just go and go quietly.

Please – don’t announce it in guild chat that you’re leaving.  Don’t SHAFT your guild leader like that.  Don’t leave a page long dissertation on the guild forums about how Gr8 all u guyz R – and how much you’ll miss them when  you’re trying on your [Champion of the Frozen Wastes] title for the first time.

Just don’t.

First off – if you do this – you’re doing for yourself – you’re doing it to make yourself feel better about bailing so YOU CAN RAID…. You’re also demorilizing everyone else that stays behind.  Worse – you’re giving your guild leader a very vocal vote of no confidence that he or she is going to have to work hard to overcome.  That last part can really suck because it will make them feel like they need to amp things up just to get people to stay.  Pretty soon, they’ll do something dumb like trying to take a bunch of undergeared,  inconsistent, and inattentive whiners somewhere like Nax 10.

Where they wipe.  Over and over.

Long story short – the guild leader inadvertantly proves that the guild IS NOT READY and it starts to bleed good and bad players until no amount of heavy frost weave can staunch the flow.  Chances are – most of these players wander off to other guilds THAT ALSO DO NOT RAID in hopes of raiding more.  Given time the above process repeats.

So – unless you’re just a dick and you’re hoping that your departure creates a dramaggedon – please move on in silence. Yeah – people are going to talk bad about you – deal with it.  If  your guild has spent a lot of time helping you level – teaching  you the ropes – blowing titansteel cooldowns on you – (etc) and you up and leave – they’re simply not going to take it well.  They just won’t.  Get okay with that or get on the bus.

Either way – less drama is good – it’s good for the game – good for the environment and good for your inner turmoil.  So don’t feed the beast – go where you’re going to have fun.  Just don’t expect everyone else to be happy about it.  That’s life.

Even if it’s in a game.

## Windpaw note -> I’m not advocating disloyalty here – just pointing out facts.  This is a game.  If your enjoyment of said game is failing because you’re not playing it the way you’d prefer – you need to move on.  Keep good relations with everyone you can – don’t be a jerk – but at the same time – don’t feel like you need to justify your decisions to the world.  People will either support you – or they won’t.  All the heart felt guild chat in the world won’t change that. 


3 Responses to “Guyz Im Thinkin Bout jOinin a Raiding guild k?”

  1. Negathle April 21, 2009 at 22:18 #

    Hmm.. methinks Windpaw needed to vent. Feel better? 😀

  2. Windpaw April 21, 2009 at 22:21 #

    Heh – yeah – had to rewrite this and add that part at the end just so folks would know where I was going with all this. I’m not a guild leader – I don’t even play one on TV – but I know that what I’ve seen in my own guild’s g-chat lately is enough to make me bleed from the eyes.

  3. Syrana April 22, 2009 at 16:45 #

    It can definitely be tough to go through guild growing pains. But you are right, there is no reason to cause drama. Our guild is going through growing pains… going from casual/social/leveling to casual/social/dash of raiding. 😉 We’ve seen people come and go that wanted more or couldn’t wait or whatever.

    But we also have members that enjoy the guild and its members for the core reason we’re all there…. and if they progressed faster, they sought pugs but didn’t complain that we weren’t doing this that or the other thing.

    We can understand if someone’s game needs are not being met, but it’s the dramatic flair that some people add to it that is unpleasant.

    What does make me nervous though… is some of the change of attitude that can come about when recruiting, especially now that our focus is different than a year ago.

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