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Blizzard Writing Contest

27 May

Well it’s a little late in coming – but Blizzard posted  the winners of their first Creative Writing Contest!

Yours truly wasn’t anywhere on the list >_<

Ah well – here’s to hoping that someone in our circle of blogs managed to do better!

After the initial soul crushing kick in the gut that this kind of news always is – I sat down and spent some time really thinking about the problems with the story.

1) Needed Moar Editz

2) Needed Less Procrastination (the real killer)

3) Must lrn2 grammar better

4) I misspelled Valiance Keep – like 50 times…

While a story might still entertain 20 out of 50 people – when you’re doing something for publication or a competition as hotly contested as this one was it needs to be as close to error free as possible.  Small errors look big when you’re reading through 1500 submissions and lots of small errors can make a judge set your story completely aside.

Oh…one last thing.  It looks like I need to take Coward Delivery down altogether.  By submitting it to the contest it looks like I’ve lost *all* rights to it forever and ever.  Up to and including posting it on my own blog.  Blizzard claims that they will post more about the conditions later – I’ll be sure to tune in to that when they do.  A lot of folks that posted and didn’t win are just realizing this last bit and are pretty bummed by it.  

Anway – was a good shot.  Wish I would have done better.  Time to get back to writing!

– Windpaw


A Long Time Ago…

26 May

There was this thing called the “Epic Hunter Quest”.

And it was – epic. 

At the heart of the quest was loot of course – wonderful loot – loot that truly deserved that most rare and royal of all colors – purple.


Lovely Rhok’delar….supplicants that wished to have an everblooming shaft of magical yew, strung with dragon sinew had to first conquer a hate (and fire!) filled instance called Molten Core.  If they were lucky – or if they had no life for all the MC runs it might take for one to drop – there was an Ancient Petrified Leaf to be had.  The next step was Onyxia.  For those lucky few that were in a guild capable of taking her down there was  a shot at a another piece of the puzzle – The Mature Black Dragon Sinew.

Once the pieces were put together the young hunter was lead on a string of quests that had them hunting demons and exercising class skills that went far beyond pointing and shooting normally associated with the huntard.

It was a neat questline – epic – awesome.

And I never got to do it.

And if Blizzard’s content development continues as is – there will likely never be anything like it again.

Kinda weird to be longing for vanilla WOW – but I have been of late.  Do you miss the old game at all – or are you one of many wondering what the fuss was about?

Yes…another blog post…hey – at least I’m writing >_<

Lions and Tigers and Bear Form!

26 May

Oh my…

They weren’t kidding – they really were working on it! 

Yes I know – not a fiction post.  Couldn’t help it.  This was *news*.

The bear forms look fairly good – here’s to hoping that Tauren Cat Form gets something more than a dye-job.

What You See Here Is…

15 May

I’ve been stinking it up here a fair bit lately and I want to apologize.  When I first created this blog – my intent was to simply use it as a place to hold my writing.  What I never really expected was that people would enjoy it – or bother reading it with any regularity.  

The problem with blogging is that a lot of times you get distracted and start focusing on the wrong thing.

For my part – I stop being a writer and start trying to be a blogger.   This is a mistake and a categorical denial of my original intent and focus.

You see, I’m a fairly decent fiction / non-fiction writer, but I’m not that great at being a blogger.  The problem with trying to blog is that you often get spun off into worrying about the number of comments you’re getting or the number of page views showing up in your site statistics.  To see both grow is gratifying for the ego – but not necessarily useful.  My goal was to write more.  Not blog more.

Yes – there are distinctions between the two.

Bloggers *write* – and that is not in dispute.  The really good ones are digital storytellers – modern bards that entertain the bored cublical dwellers of todays workplace.  To be a successful blogger requires talents that many traditional “writers” have a hard time groking.  Things like the ability to be consistent and entertaining – or to even teach and provide value beyond the delicate and careful selection of their words.  Those that can manage to weave an entertaining and useful blogging “persona” while doing this are that are often the most successful.

I’d love to be able to do this.  Who wouldn’t?  But first things first.  I just need to work on the writing part.

So – I’m resetting.  No more posts about crappy guilds.  No more posts about how I hate Death Knights.  No more generic WOW centric grumbling.  You can find that done ad naseum in any of a million other sites with clever names and better cascading style sheets.

For those that have visited before and plan on sticking around to see what’s next.  Thanks – I love  you – you are wonderful human beans.  Feel free to visit – but expect the quantity of posts to drop somewhat.

Hopefully the quality will not.

Have a great weekend!

I Hate Death Knights…

13 May

fluffydowThought that might get your attention….

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not usually a hater – I just don’t care for the class.  Do I think they have a lot of utility?  Sure.  Do I have a lot of friends that play DK’s and do so with the same careful attention to detail and professionalism they bring to any other class in the game.


I still can’t bring myself to like them.  Not sure if I have a “real” reason why.  

A lot of folks would probably point to this post and say:

“You don’t like DK’s because we ROFLSTOMP you in the battlegrounds or arena.”

Which for a while was probably true.  Against a really good DK player with some hawt gear – most classes will end up in the grave yard while the Death Knight spams his /hug emote.  But honestly – a lot of folks would say the same thing about hunters or rogues back in the vanilla or BC days.  After getting used to fighting DK’s and picking up on their normal chain of attacks (Death Grip -> lol -> cover me in diseases -> chains of ice if I run) – I’ve found that I can disengage and depend on a combination of Masters Call and PvP trinket to keep myself at range through all of the DK’s snares.  A lot DK’s I’ll manage to kite and burst to death.  The rest – it really comes down to how much health and resilience they have.  If they have more (and a lot do) – I’ll end up saying hello to the spirit healer at some point and start over.  The point though – is that they’re no longer the boogyman they once were.  I’ll happily hunt a DK in Wintergrasp if they happen to be in a zone I need for Wintergrasp Ranger.

Are they still overpowered?  In my opinion – yeah – but it’s not awful.  Or maybe it is – check out this guys post.

That said – between the all the RP Mary Sues running Blood Elf Death Knights and sheer number of DK’s that infect each server I think I may be simply suffering from overload.  Maybe when the next hero class comes out or when Death Knights finally taste the nerf bat good and hard – I’ll get over it.

If It All Went Away Tomorrow

8 May

showSome months back Tobold wrote a great “what if” article.  The whole premise had to do with:

“What would you do – if you woke up one morning and found that all of your characters were gone – and that there was no getting them back?”

Every server – every character – gone.  With no hope of restore.  

What do you do?  Start over?  Douse your computer in kerosene and have a cookout?  Cry…cry for a long, long time.

Or some vaguely painful and expensive version of all three?

I remember actually feeling really excited.  A fresh start?  Everyone is level 1 again? AWESOME!  I know a lot of serious altoholics would have little problem starting over (after all – they’ve done it so many times!) But for the real achievers out there to suddenly lose toons that had seen Molten Core back in the 40 man hey-day – to lose characters that had 20+ exalted reputations.  Battlemasters – Conquerers – Savage-Deadly-Cranky Gladiators.  That might be too much for some to handle.

The real question in my mind is this:

If  you *did* start over –

What race…

What class…

What faction…

PvP – PvE – RP – or RP-PvP?

Would you simply start over with the same race and class of you last main or would you cut ties and jump the faction fence and try something completely different?

I Choose You…(more real thoughts on beastmastery)

7 May


(Caveat Lector – I wrote this at work – so I’m all over the place.  Be prepared for sudden and jarring tangets…)

So each night as part of my regular round of dailies I’ll end up popping out of survival and into my beast master talent spec.  Out will come Loque’nahak and together the two of us will run around and moonfire stuff.  With the Argent Tournament regularly sending me down south past Zul’Drak, I’ve been doing a very, very casual hunt for Gondria.  I don’t get into the endless camping, or spending days in the same spot, hovering for hours while hoping against hope that my Rarefinder alert will go off.  

No – I prefer to just casually look.  

I figure that if it is meant for Gondria and I to hunt together – we will.  This tactic worked for me with Loque’ and I believed it to be the best course of action on this search as well.

So – last night on Moon Guard – around 9:30pm I put Loque’ away and brought out a Wind Serpent I had been trying out.  I hopped on my fast red flyer and zipped off to the Altar of Har’koa.   After doing a slow circuit around the regular Gondria spawn point I found little more than snow leopards and those red eyed kitties everyone is so fond of.  Total time on station – maybe 2-3 minutes.  

Figuring I’d been there long enough I cruised on up toward The Altar of Mam’toth and looked around that little corner filled with blue slime and tons of bat riders.  Nothing was showing up on my tracker so I hovered for a moment and figured I’d just hit the last spawn point real quick and call it a night.

Then I noticed  a little golden dot on the tracker.  Or at least I thought I did.  Honestly I wasn’t sure if I’d really seen it or not, so I stopped my flyer and did a slow circle.  Nothing.

Figuring the tiny blip to have been nothing more than an overactive imagination, I turned my flyer around and started to leave.


And there it was again – just on the corner of my tracker.

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