Pure Fiction

Windpaw’s story telling collection.  What follows is are dribs and drabs of my WoW based fiction.  One of these days I’m going to make this page prettier than it is.

That day is not today.

Coward Delivery

A forgettable quest for Horde players in the Borean Tundra that has always made me wonder.  Why did the Alliance Soldiers desert?  What was to be their fate?  This story stars one of my favorite Tauren – Stone Guard Tigerclaw – and her unexpected and disconcerting experience with her own Coward Delivery.

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Old Wounds

With the end of Coward Delivery not known (i.e. not written!) – this is a glimpse into what becomes of Stone Guard Tigerclaw after the Coward Delivery Incident.

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Rainchaser and Baelgrim

I like these two.  A typical fantasy odd couple. Rainchaser an unintentionally exotic draenie huntress and Baelgrim her enigmatic and very mute dwarven rogue companion. The two of them are traveling Azeroth together, righting wrongs, wronging rights and paying for the damage that Rain’s Ogrimmarian War-Boar, Gitr, does to every innocent garden he finds.

The Blood Elf Bandit Mask

Rainchaser in Stranglethorn Vale

Rainchaser’s Rainy Day

Going Home

Written while I was waiting to leave Afghanistan.  A short story about Tah’Mahok and orc veteran that unlike many is ready to go home and let the young ones continue the fight.  A mix of my real life experiences as washed with a nice dose of Azeroth.

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Knives in the Dark

Ever wonder what lurks in the darkest corners of The Drag in Orgrimmar?  Read this…then you’ll know.

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The Blood Colored Lion of Mountain Size

A fun, tongue in cheek story I did in honor of BRK.  Wrote this while in Afghanistan and it became one of the first pieces I published on this blog.  Marks Rainchaser’s official transformation into a Tauren huntress.

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World of Westerncraft

This is what happens when you’ve been reading too much Louis L’Amour and playing too much WoW and feeling waaaay too bored at work.

Part I

Part II

This is PvP?

Ever leveled on a PvP server?  Get ganked much?  I did.  So much that it left scars.  Hillsbrad – just outside of Tarren Mill is where this little ditty is set.  I see the two protagonists hanging out there at the crossroads, just down from the ruined tower.   They have their El-Camino parked, a cooler set out and a string of bodies before them that runs all the way back to Shadowfang Keep.

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Taking the Kids to Alterac Valley

Written after a particularly frustrating AV during Children’s Week.  The School of Hard Knocks achievement had people totting their orphans into battlegrounds in search of tower caps, flags and various sundry other forms of victory.  The things folks in Emberstorm’s PvP reluctant battlegroup would do to *get* these achievements were detailed in this short piece.

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Alas, Wintergrasp

Another PvP inspired short.  Dedicated to the handful of Alliance that show up at Wintergrasp game after game – no matter how badly outnumbered or poor the odds.  Without them, there would be no fight.  No glory.  No Stonekeeper’s Shards.

Read the Story – Embrace the Bitterness

Farewell to a Friend

Tamzen was my first World of Warcraft character – ever. A mustachioed night elf hunter with a blue top-knot, Tamzen was my main through 39 levels on Shadow Council. Lady was Tam’s sole companion through most of those levels. Farewell to a Friend was a melancholy write up I did after finally giving Lady up. I’m the sentimental type and writing an emo post about returning Lady to the wild just seemed to be the thing to do.

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