It’s Not So Bad

23 Feb

Okay folks – I logged back in today.  It was only for a moment though.  I realized I’d left characters with tons of useful things (like heirloom items) sitting around in their inboxes.  No sense in giving that all back to Blizzard I suppose.  I mean – I did *earn* it after all.

Still, I was amazingly self conscious about the whole thing as I keyed in my authenticator code.

“What am I doing?”

You’re doing something simple stupid.  You’re clearing out your mailbox so Blizzard doesn’t do it for  you.  You’re transferring leadership of your alt guild back over to your buddy so that the guild doesn’t go POOF when your game time card runs out.  You’re cleaning the house before your lease runs out – quit making this out to be more than it really is.

“Okay, that makes sense, I get it.  But is that all I’m really doing?”

My inner dialog got kinda snippy with me after that.  I mean, c’mon – I logged in because I wanted to see how it felt.  I wanted to see whether or not if jumping in for five minutes would suddenly turn into some kind of “lost weekend” scenario where I wake up at the keyboard three days later with maxed professions on 2 new alts and half way through downing the Omnitron Defense System fight on a character I’ve never played before.

Yeah – no such luck.  I popped back into game and for a very short time was utterly delighted with being back in the game world again.  I danced around, emptied mailboxes and even spent a few moments testing my hunter’s dps.  The delighted wore off rather quickly and was replaced with some kind of pervasive need to log out.  No idea what that was.  I was even a little disappointed in myself because I felt like I should be able to dance back and forth into Azeroth as if it were a game that I could simply enjoy and not…I don’t know…live.

On the writing front, I’m working on cleaning up a couple of (old) pieces of fiction right now.   I plan on submitting them to the poisoned fangs and black hearts of the unsolicited manuscript editors of a couple of popular sci-fi / fantasy magazines.  I’m not particularly expecting anything to get published really, it’s more an exercise in getting back on the horse and letting it throw me a couple times.  Nothing like getting slapped upside the ego by a few soul sucking rejection letters (e-mail these days) to really rev up the commitment engine.


I like that.  The Commitment Engine.

That’s a blog name if I’ve ever heard one….


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