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24 Jul

A week or more later and my account is both active and *mine* again.  Pretty happy about that.  Less happy about the fact that every one of my characters have been drained of money – their banks cleaned out and bags emptied.

But that’s all.

I’ve heard horror stories of players logging back in to find toons that are completely naked or worse yet – to find them deleted – nothing more than a digital “lol” left behind by the vandals.

So if nothing else – I guess I should thank the thieves that managed to compromise my account – they were professional looters – nothing more.

So – stage two is recovering all of my stuff and all of my guild’s stuff.  We’ll see how long that’s going to take.

For myself, I’ve found my desire to get back into the game is at an all time low.  Part of it has to do with recovering all the gold and lost equipment – the rest is sort of a general malaise that has been creeping into my game ever since Rainchaser got her Crusader title.

So – Army time is done again for a bit – back at work and ostensibly back in the game.  Time to get to writing again and see if I can’t sort all this out.



13 Jul

The sound that Blizzard Account Management makes every time I try to beg them for some information….

A Busy Tone…

What I get when I try to call…


What I have….

Going on 4 days and no word on my account closure.  I did manage to get control of my account again thanks to an nifty online account “gimme back” tool that Blizzard created.  Just have to find some way to ensure they understand that the dude named “Hhynlsbfyk” on Fizzcrank realm spamming gold sales or time share (or something equally scary) was NOT me.

Hacked…and Jacked….

11 Jul

Well – I haven’t managed to get Blizzard to unlock my account – in fact – they haven’t even responded to me yet.  After realizing my account has been compromised I quickly logged on to my kids accounts and promptly changed the passwords just in case our one PC back home (we’re primarily a mac family) has been infected by a trojan horse or a keylogger.  Told the wife to shut the PC down and tuck it away until I get back.

With the help of another Soldier that plays I logged onto the game and contacted my guild leader.

“Dude – you were hacked!” He told me helpfully.

“No kidding.”

“Yeah – one of your toons logged on this morning and cleaned out tabs 4 and 5 in the guild bank.”


Tabs 4 and 5 are where all of our enchanting materials live – our frosty orbs – our collection of inscription cards and all the sundry blues and purples waiting on beloved alts and needy guild members.

As usual – my guild leader is amazingly low key about the whole thing.  He knows I’ll fight tooth and nail to have every thing restored.  Plus – it’s just stuff.  Stuff that we can replace in a week or two of chaining heroic runs or a bit of crafting.  We’ll get it all back.

Still – there’s a nasty bit of dread that sits in the pit of my stomach.  I’m almost afraid to log in and see what poor Rainchaser and Tigerclaw are going to look like.  While I understand that Blizzard is quite good at restoring accounts after they’ve been pillaged – I know that it’s still going to feel like returning home to see your windows broken and all of your person stuff ransacked or missing.

They are virtual goods and digital things – but they’re still *mine* and the memories that go with them were bought with time, effort and the help of friends.

Some things I’ve done just in case:

  • In the past I’ve used Wowhead’s upload tool and the Curse Addon Management tool.  I’m disabling all of them on my systems.  While I don’t think either Curse or Wowhead would ever knowingly try to harm a players account by doing unsafe things with the account authentication info stored in them – they could have been compromised by something *else* – so they’re gone.
  • I’m going to get an Account Authenticator – no reason not too.  I thought I was more than safe enough – apparently I’m not.

That last part is the bit that scares me the most.  I’m fairly security conscious.  I don’t account share – I change my passwords.

So how the hell did this happen?  Hopefully Blizzard can shed some light on that for me.


10 Jul

So here I am messing around in the beautiful Mojave Desert courtesy of the US Army when I decide to check my gmail and find an e-mail from Blizzard’s Account Management Folks.

Phisher – says I.

(Read the message – it might be entertaining!)

Realm: Fizzcrank
Character Name: Hhynlsbfyk

Account Action: Account Closed
Offense: Offenses: Mass Advertisement

That wasn’t entertaining….

Is this for real?  Check the domain it came from – check the links in it.


It is real.  My account has been closed.  Some assbeast has my account information.

I’ve contacted Blizzard’s Account Management folks.  Crossing my fingers.

Have a terrible, terrible feeling that I’m not going to like what I see if and when I can log back in to my account again.

Marksman Spec

2 Jul


I can move around again.  Stuff blows the hell up.

My mana…it’s gone….

That is all….

Faction Change Q&A Madness

1 Jul

So Blizzard is going to let us change our faction via a nifty paid service.  To say that the news was met with mixed feelings players is an understatement of sorts – probably closer to say that it has gone over like a tactical bomb drop in a mechanical monkey factory.

Stuff’s getting flung everywhere.

For myself – I just have a couple of questions that came up after Blizzard decided to do a bit of Q&A about the new service:

Q. Will we be able to switch between the races on our own faction?
A. No. Players will only be able to switch to a race of the opposite faction.

Q.Will I be able to switch back to my original faction but a different race?
A. No. You will only be able to switch back to your originally chosen race.

Say what?


You’re going to go through all that work to setup a reasonable mapping between reputation, mounts, titles, quests, pvp stuff and all the various sundry craziness that is different between the factions – and not be able to support the the arguably simpler change of say – making my Tauren an Orc?


I’m kinda just stunned as to *why*.