24 Jul

A week or more later and my account is both active and *mine* again.  Pretty happy about that.  Less happy about the fact that every one of my characters have been drained of money – their banks cleaned out and bags emptied.

But that’s all.

I’ve heard horror stories of players logging back in to find toons that are completely naked or worse yet – to find them deleted – nothing more than a digital “lol” left behind by the vandals.

So if nothing else – I guess I should thank the thieves that managed to compromise my account – they were professional looters – nothing more.

So – stage two is recovering all of my stuff and all of my guild’s stuff.  We’ll see how long that’s going to take.

For myself, I’ve found my desire to get back into the game is at an all time low.  Part of it has to do with recovering all the gold and lost equipment – the rest is sort of a general malaise that has been creeping into my game ever since Rainchaser got her Crusader title.

So – Army time is done again for a bit – back at work and ostensibly back in the game.  Time to get to writing again and see if I can’t sort all this out.


One Response to “Finally…”

  1. Kay July 28, 2009 at 04:17 #

    Blizz has gotten really good at returning stuff after hacks, especially compared to two years ago. When one of my guild’s officers got hacked and the perp cleaned out the guild AND raid bank, we not only got back all the stuff, we got back almost twice as many flasks/crystals/items as had been taken. He got all his stuff back too.

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