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Should Blizzard Ditch Exotic Pets?

29 Jun

Rainchaser knelt by the softly glowing white cat form of Loque’nahak and stroked his fur gently.  While the amazing being’s companionship had lent an almost otherworldly feel to Rain’s travels – it was still his simple cat’s purr that she loved the most.

The purr – It was a low barely audible thing, more felt than heard. But the pleasure the big spirit beast conveyed with it was immensely satisfying.  They had missed one another these past months, with Rain’s duty leading her to the poisonous depths of Kel’Thuzad’s inner sanctum and the snow mantled peaks of mighty Ulduar.  Places she dared not take him.

“I thought maybe I would take you to Naxxaramas,” she told him almost apologetically.  “But I’m so used to explosive shot now that I feel really naked without it.”  The big spirit cat butted his head against her breastplate and demanded more petting.

“I know you’re fierce and beautiful – but when bestial wrath is on cooldown – I just don’t know what to do with myself…and I’m always so afraid of losing you.”

Lok’ cocked one bright glowing eye towards Rain’ and promptly moonfired a nearby squirrel.  As the cordite smell of the magic mixed with scents of the cold pine forest and charred rodent Rainchaser chuffed the beasts neck affectionately.

“Oh I know, I know – you’re not helpless – but this isn’t about you, it’s about me.  I’ve grown so much in the past months and I’ve learned how to stand on my own.  I’m afraid that speccing Beast Mastery again will take that from me.  Make me dependent again.  I don’t like that – I don’t like needing you to fight all my battles for me.”

Lok’ made a warbling sound of displeasure that came straight from his diaphragm and ended in a reproachful sniff.  He turned his head from the Tauren huntress and wound his body around her like a big house cat before nuzzling her one last time and disappearing into the snow covered wood.  Rainchaser knew he would return in an instant if she needed him – and she did miss the spirit cat’s companionship – but the time wasn’t right.  Not yet.

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The ePeen of Things

25 Jun

So in 3.2 casual players are going to be able to earn tokens that will allow them to grab some really sweet T8 level gear.  As can be expected, this isn’t sitting well with a lot of the hard corp raiders.  The argument of who Blizzard is really catering the game to is back in full flame and for anyone that’s been around for a major content patch or two it’s getting a little tired.

Hard Corp Raiders are a dedicated handful on each server that have the discipline, game play skills and time to beat their heads against the progression wall as new content is added.  Regardless of how you feel about these players they’re the “wow heroes” that have been there, done that and have lots and lots of great t-shirts to go with it.

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High Noon

19 Jun

So – work has been kicking my ass lately and very little writing is getting done.

That said, my next short is coming along and I hope to have something up here soon.

What’s it about?

Well…I’ve been reading some old Louis Lamour books lately…and love Warcraft….so – expect something a little different 😉

Have a great weekend everyone.

Isle of Conquest

12 Jun

I think I wet myself a little reading [ this ]

The Isle of Conquest Preview reminds me of all of the great things I remember enjoying from old school Alterac Valley.  Now if they add some cool rewards for doing this BG I’ll be a happy panda.

Hunter PvP Today…

11 Jun

There are few things that will color your WOW time with more frustration than trying to PvP at 80.  The problems of resilience (you need a lot) – your fellow players (they can be kinda dumb) – and the flavor of the month death dealers (I’m looking at you Death Knights and Paladin) can make you wonder why anyone would willingly jump into the battlegrounds or Arena.

But that’s what I’ve been doing lately.  Almost exclusively.

Now don’t get me wrong – I *love* PvP, but it’s been a frustrating couple of weeks.

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