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29 Nov

Sunwalkers, I love them.  The tauren paladin is everything I wanted out of the new race class combinations wrapped up in one hoofed, horned and kodo riding package.  And what a kodo it is too.  The Great Sunwalker Kodo is probably my favorite mount in the game.  Getting to ride one through the new Orgimmar has totally eclipsed my desire for the ZG Tiger.  YARLY.

See what I mean?  Between the splendid redo of the Tauren starting area and the overall excellence of 4.03a questing in general, I’m having a hard time getting excited about Cataclysm’s launch being right around the corner.  As far as I’m concerned, there’s a completely new game to be enjoyed out there right now.

One thing that has surprised me is the amount of Sunwalker “hate” I’m getting from the Alliance.  At least once a day I have some stump legged human wander by and emote “facepalm” at me and my wonderful day-glo kodo.  What’s the deal? Are we not pretty enough?  Are we breaking your lore?  I think it’s because my kodo makes that charger of yours feel like what it really is – a lame ass horse wearing a bed-sheet.

It’s okay.  When no one else is looking – I’ll let you take her for a spin around the Stormwind docks.  While you’re at it, you can soak in the sheer majestic splendor of a Tauren in full plate bathed in An’she’s golden brilliance.  Keep on /facepalming though – we all know it’s just envy.  We’ll see you in Mulgore soon enough.

So yeah.  Sunwalker’s rock.

That and Aponi Brightmane is HAWT….Seriously – she makes the rest of the Pally trainers out there just look weak 😉


The Queue

29 Nov

Trying to get into Moon Guard seems to a losing proposition tonight.

The queue is long.  Over 1000 people ahead of me at this point.

Since 4.03a dropped it has been like this –




I’ve toyed with leaving MG for a while and even tried it on an alt for a while.  These queues just might seal the deal.

Dammit Zul’Gurub

24 Nov

In the end – I didn’t win the 3 year long poker game I’ve been playing with High Priest Thekal.  Not once did he even give me a glimmer of the Swift Zulian Tiger that I have coveted for so long.  Once my erstwhile main managed [Hero of the Zandalar Tribe] (almost solely on Tiger Boss Kills) I decided that the RNG in its infinite wisdom was simply not going to choose me or mine to ever receive the gift of orange tigery goodness.

It was a bit of a relief I guess.  No more thrashing around for 10-15 minutes every reset on every one of my 80’s.  No more disappoint when only crappy blues and zulian tiger hide dropped.  For the last 36 hours of ZG’s inclusion as a vanilla raiding zone in the game, I didn’t bother to go back even once.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the place.  ZG was my first *real* raid with a “real” raiding guild back in the vanilla days.  I can remember my very first Hakkar kill and can recall all too clearly how long it used to take to clear ALL OF THAT TRASH before the Tiger boss.  I’ve fished up Gahz’ranka, I’ve done all of the reputation quests and I’ve marveled at how even against my level 80 tanks – the Gurubashi Axe Throwers are still a pain in the ass.

Still, I wish I’d got that Tiger.




Farewell Cairne

23 Nov

My pre-shattering game time ended up being less than momentous.  But one thing I wanted to do was to take a moment to pay my respects to one of the true founders of the Horde – Cairne Bloodhoof.  For those that haven’t read the story of his fall I wholly recommend it.  For much of the night the denizens of Moon Guard trickled in to stand vigil with Cairne.  He’s stood there for so long, a calm mountain of strength welcoming young braves to the horde and making everyone feel…safe.

You will be missed.

Gamon Raids FTW

22 Nov

Hey folks – sorry for being a bit offline and out of touch, but I’ve been playing on the Public Test Realm and haven’t really bothered to come up for air much.  This week I’m going to be posting some of my favorite things from the broken world.  The first?  Gamon Raids!

Gamon is now a level 85 elite.  For those of you that don’t know Gamon – he is a tauren – and a drunkard – and for  years now he’s been a favorite punching bag for Horde of all levels.  No more.  Visit the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar and it will undoubtedly be littered with the bones of players who thought they’d test the new Gamon’s mettle.  This guy is beast now.  I’ve watched him one shot T10 geared tanks and wade through swaths of other players with scornful ease.  At any given moment during the day on the PTR there’s a pack of 10 random players banding together to kill Gamon.  Hunters and Mages usually start the ball rolling by kiting the big guy out into the open while the rest of the erstwhile raid lay in on him.  After being part of at least 10 Gamon kills – I can honestly say that watching the big guy die just doesn’t get old.

Razzashi Hatchling No Longer Endangered

11 Nov

Free Westfall Press


DEHTA activists and Venture Company officials, long time antagonists in Stranglethorn Vale and throughout Azeroth’s many wild spaces came together in Stormwind today to make a joint announcement.

“DEHTA, in coordination with the Venture Company and with the help of the Nessingwary Foundation for Rare Wildlife have found a solution to the problem of the rapidly disappearing Razzashi Raptor,” said DEHTA representative Hierophant Delissa Sunsong.  “Through a combination of protected locations and careful management, we expect to save this increasingly rare and exceptionally beautiful species for the benefit of future generations.”

Venture Company Officials were present for the announcement, but were tight lipped as to the location the endangered raptors would be moved to, sighting agreements with DEHTA to preserve the secrecy of the new location until such time as the raptors were no longer threatened.  Ajeck Rouack, the Nessingwary Foundation’s Chief of Game Management was enthusiastic about the joint move to protect the raptor.

“Fully grown they’re magnificent,” he said.  “Truly one of the most frightening and awe inspiring forces of nature anywhere in Azeroth, the Nessingwary Foundation is proud to be working with DEHTA and the Venture Company to protect this fine game animal.”


Yup – looks like the little Razzashi Hatchling is going to survive the Cataclysm after all.  Expect to see prices on these raptors TUMBLE in the AH.  To all of you that have been farming ZG non-stop in hopes of finding one of these little devils (or who hoped to profit from the critters expected demise from the loot tables) you can either sigh in relief or RAGE at the injustice of it all.  Blizzard seems to be trying to please as many people as possible with these last minute announcements.  Between the last minute saving of the Insane title (sans Shendralar rep) and now the protected status of the Razzashi Hatchling, one has to wonder what else is going to change before Deathwing cleaves the world?

Tier 11

11 Nov

Looks like crap.  My apologies to the artists and animators that I’m sure worked very hard on all of it – but the models just do not inspire.  Hunters in particular seem to be the butt of a joke – though I’m sure that players that always wanted to look like a murloc will undoubtedly be pleased.  I don’t know – maybe with the helm graphics turned off it won’t be bad.  The paladin set (particularly the heroic gear) looks fairly good, so it’s not a total wash I suppose.

That’s the way it goes though.  Blizzard can only do so much to please all of us with the games aesthetics.  As underwhelmed as I am, I’m sure there are countless legions that think T-11 is the best looking stuff they’ve ever seen.

MMO-Champion has the most updated pics as usual.

Male T-11

Female T-11