Dammit Zul’Gurub

24 Nov

In the end – I didn’t win the 3 year long poker game I’ve been playing with High Priest Thekal.  Not once did he even give me a glimmer of the Swift Zulian Tiger that I have coveted for so long.  Once my erstwhile main managed [Hero of the Zandalar Tribe] (almost solely on Tiger Boss Kills) I decided that the RNG in its infinite wisdom was simply not going to choose me or mine to ever receive the gift of orange tigery goodness.

It was a bit of a relief I guess.  No more thrashing around for 10-15 minutes every reset on every one of my 80’s.  No more disappoint when only crappy blues and zulian tiger hide dropped.  For the last 36 hours of ZG’s inclusion as a vanilla raiding zone in the game, I didn’t bother to go back even once.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the place.  ZG was my first *real* raid with a “real” raiding guild back in the vanilla days.  I can remember my very first Hakkar kill and can recall all too clearly how long it used to take to clear ALL OF THAT TRASH before the Tiger boss.  I’ve fished up Gahz’ranka, I’ve done all of the reputation quests and I’ve marveled at how even against my level 80 tanks – the Gurubashi Axe Throwers are still a pain in the ass.

Still, I wish I’d got that Tiger.





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