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<– Reads the Quest Text

31 Mar

questtextTobold found a real gem out there today and I have to spend some time talking about it.  Jeff Kaplan (also known as Tigole) used to be The Dude responsible for game design in World of Warcraft.  

More specifically he was the lead in charge of WORLD DEVELOPMENT.  That’s huge.  Say that out loud in your Sunday, Sunday, Sunday monster truck rally voice.



Sounds cool but gets annoying – fast.  Just ask my cat.

Anyway, Jeff is on to bigger / better right now as the lead WORLD dude for Blizzard’s up and coming, super secret MMO.  This week he was at the Game Developers Conference and took some time to talk about the perils of quest design and some mistakes they made in World in Warcraft.  

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Happy Hunter Karma

30 Mar

Sometimes things just sort of go right.  Rainchaser managed to trudge her way to 77 over the weekend and ran a almost constant series of 5-man Northrend instances.  Along the way she managed to pick up the Drakkari Hunting Bow and Cannibal’s Legguards on a couple of super fast runs through Gundrak.  These great drops were significant in my mind for two reasons.

  1. Stuff never drops for me…evar….
  2. I won a contested roll for the legguards with a 99

Which never happens either….

So I had some reinforcement for my strange theory that the gently stirred mix of my hunter mojo and wow karma continues to hold pleasant rewards as long as I’m logged on to Rainchaser.

What’s that you say?  Two non-heroic drops and a single good roll in one weekend aren’t enough to convince you that things just work better when I’m logged on to my hunter?

Well…How about this:


Stop looking at me right meow...

Found him on Saturday at 66,77 around 2:45pm, nestled in amongst a bunch of white gorrillas.  I’d been casually hunting him while questing and skinning around Sholazar with no real luck for about a day.  With 3-4 hunters on epic flyers circling the basin at any given time looking to grab him up and at least that many more 80’s in search of an achievement for killing him I had decided that an encounter with the fabled spirit beast just wasn’t in the cards.

Still, something led me to that rock and those gorillas and something else told me to stay put.  I was there for about 45 minutes all told.  Just hanging out – farming some leather – and watching the folks on their epic flyers breeze in, hover and leave.  I walked away for a couple of minutes to grab a drink and kiss the wife – on my return – there he was.

Just need to name him 🙂

Death Knight – Really?

26 Mar

Just a quick question…Have any of you tried a Death Knight yet?  At all?  I rolled one about a month ago and never made it through the intro quests.  I’ve heard from others how great the quest line is and how great DK’s are to play – but – well….


They’re just not for me I guess.

Sure they get some awesome blue hair (can’t beat the blue hair – really) but beyond that and their Darth Vader voices the whole class leaves me cold.  Maybe it’s the death and disease thing that gets me or maybe it’s the fact that every server has like 10,000,000 of them running around death gripping stuff.  Not sure.

I guess I’m just not wired for Death Knights or Warlocks or any of that Blood Elf on Blood Elf RP erotica that seems to haunt every corner of Silver Moon City these days…

Sorry – this post brought to you by random thoughts while Windpaw tries to get off his dead-ass and write more >_<

Vacations make meh lazeh….

The Fun Hard Equation

24 Mar

Like countless millions, my very first World of Warcraft character was a night elf hunter.  Okay – get it out of your system, roll your eyes, shake your head and laugh.  Better?  Good – now try to follow along, this is going to be confusing.

I rolled that first Nelf because they fit my personal view of how a heroic character was supposed to look.  Tall, broad shoulders, epic eyebrows and ears that you could launch a space telescope with.  Throw in that highspeed flip-roll thing they can do and I was sold.  The fact that hunters were amazingly cool and in simple solo situations, easy to succeed at only made things better.

As you might expect, I *stunk* as a hunter.  For the longest time I didn’t know how to train my pet with new skills and traps were a button that I just didn’t push.  In groups I didn’t know to turn growl off and didn’t understand why anyone would put their pet on passive when doing anything.  I was a classic huntard, the guy that gave good hunters bad names.  

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Kinda Cool

23 Mar

Just a quick note this morning – one of my old guildies from Twisting Nether was profiled on WowInsider today for his arena accomplishments.

Lamures and Snolas (one of his team-mates) have been with Forge / Pathos Hammer for a long time and it’s great to see that they’re both getting some recognition for all of their hard work.


17 Mar

 The few folks that stop by this blog and those in particular that comment are a rare and strange bunch that I have to admit I’m curious about.  No Sideshow – not stalker curious – just curious.  First off, most of us all play the same game and we have probably all absorb a lot of the same media (books, comics, music – etc.)

So what are your favorites?  What books and music do you normally grativate to?

Here’s a format:

  1. Favorite Author or Authors
  2. Favorite music (by band or genre)
  3. Favorite Web Comic (or regular comic if you’re still giving mony to DC and Marvel)
  4. Favorite Graphic Novel

For myself:

  1. Tolkien (first fantasy I had ever been introduced to) – other favorites for different reasons include Phillip Pulman, Louis Lamour, Kenneth Opel, William Gibson and Edward Abbey
  2. Too many to name – literally everything from Atreyu to my mom’s old John Denver albums – it’s all situational.
  3. Order of the Stick is probably one of my favorites as is xkcd – seriously – both of these guys elicit more laughter and emotion for me with stick figures than Fred Gallagher and the Penny Arcade gang do together.
  4. Hmmm – not sure – when I was younger I was crazy about Wendy and Richard Pini’s Elfquest series (probably why I love playing a hunter!)  I’ve dallied with comics and manga on and off for years but nothing’s really stuck, know what I mean?

How about you?

Yeah – I Saw It….

16 Mar

Several of you have e-mailed or commented about the Creative Writing Contest that Blizzard just kicked off.  Yes – I’ve seen it.  Yes – I’m entering it.  No – I have no good idea what I’m going to submit as yet >_<

The entry requires a piece between 3000 and 10,000 words, which is a fair bit longer than the average story I post here.  So I have to decide fairly quickly whether I’m going to write something new or go with a current work in progress.

Either way – I don’t have a lot of time to decide as the deadline for submissions is April 12th.  Honestly – this is more than enough time – I’m just feeling under the gun because Muse and Productivity jumped in the toilet shortly after I got home.  Last I saw they were both swimming for Peru.

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