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Some Simple Macro Fun

29 Oct

Macros are fun.  Macros are useful.  Provided  you don’t try to DPS or Tank via the abomination that is the “/castsequence” command, they can help you keep your action bars tidy,  your keybinds uncomplicated and your game more enjoyable.  Every  now and then I come across some simple macros that don’t add to your DPS or make you an uber player – but they’re clever and they make things easier.  I figured I should share.

Hiding (or Showing) Your HELM or CLOAK

We’ve all be stuck with lame looking helms and cloaks in game.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to toggle them on and off without having to open  up the interface options menu screen?  You can.  Just create a new macro and add the following text:

For Helms:

/run ShowHelm(not ShowingHelm())

For Cloaks:

/run ShowCloak(not ShowingCloak())

You’ll have to make 2 macros if you want to be able to turn both items on and off.  Once you’re done, just click once to toggle either your helm or cloak “off” – click again and it’s back on!

Doing Something Random

Another kinda neat one is throwing a random number generator into a macro.  There are a lot of folks that like to make their characters “say” something everytime they use an ability….(Yes – we’re all thinking of Death Knights right now and their GET OVAH HURRR! macros for Death Grip….)

Well – what if you wanted to do something like that – but didn’t want to be an annoying twat EVERY TIME you pressed the key?  Well – a Paladin I know wanted to be able to macro the phrase “Repent!” when she used an instant Exorcism.  After a while – this got to be a bit obnoxious and she decided she just wanted it to happen “now and then”.


/cast Exorcism
/run if random(5)==1 then SendChatMessage(“Repent!”) end

The /stopcasting command is there to kill any Exorcisms that aren’t instants.  What the rest of the macro does is simply roll a 5 sided dice – if the pips come up “1” – then the Paladin will say “Repent!” as she casts the spell.

There are lots of things you could do with this.  I know one WoW Insider writer that macros the Headless Horseman’s laughter sound to his Paladin’s Hammer of Wrath ability.


I bet that gets annoying if you’re on the other end of it 🙂

Have any fun macros?  Feel free to share!


Cogwheel of Doom Work Around

20 Oct

## Thanks to Lerali and Mattie who posted this workaround to me here! ##

Additional Credit to Deyneth of Wyrmwrest Accord who posted the fix to the official forums HERE

The Cogwheel of Doom has a workaround.  If you’re willing to turn off tool-tips there is a marked lack of SUCK when dealing with anything requiring cogwheel interaction.

The workaround is to turn off tool tips.  A wonderfully simple way to do this is to setup macros like the following:

A macro to “turn off tooltips” and one to “turn on tooltips”.

Turn Off Tooltips:

/script GameTooltip.Temphide = function() GameTooltip:Hide() end; GameTooltip:SetScript(“OnShow”, GameTooltip.Temphide);

Turn On Tooltips

/script GameTooltip:SetScript(“OnShow”, GameTooltip.Show);

Before jumping into battlegrounds or doing instances I will turn tooltips off and go about my business without worrying about Cogwheel.  Once I’m done – I just turn them back on.

Now.  If someone could just do something about that fancy new water freezing my computer I’d be home free!

Don’t Click That!

19 Oct

Anything in fact.  If it has the little Blizzard “cogwheel” effect – fear it – for it will destroy your world.

Or, barring that it will dump you from the game.

Thus far I have been locked out of WoW clicking on the following:

  • Flags in Battlegrounds
  • Mage Tables
  • Soul Wells
  • The Headless Horseman’s Summoning Pumpkin
  • The orbs in Nexus

The problem is widespread and is platform agnostic as it is being seen across both Mac and PC operating systems.

There is a HUGE thread in Blizzard’s Bug Report Forum regarding the issue with a terrible lack of feedback from support.  You can find it  HERE.

While bugs suck and this bug in particular is no fun at all – it has lead to some rather entertaining moments.  The funniest (saddest) I can recall was during a string of battlegrounds the other night.  We had just managed to take down the Alliance flag runner in Eye of the Storm.  The flag is just sitting there on the ground waiting for us to grab it and run with it.

No one was willing to click the silly thing.

Every Headless Horseman run I’ve done has included at least 1 person doing the “Running Man” as the game locks on them as they try to click the summoning pumpkin.  I’ve also found the problem to occur when simply mousing over the object to be clicked.  It’s as if there’s something malevolent trying to load itself through the ether into my game.

I’m hoping today’s downtime comes complete with some bug fixes.  I  honestly don’t recall the Public Test Realms being this buggy.

The Monday Gnombliteration

18 Oct

The Yog Guys found yet another amazingly bizarre quest in the Cataclysm beta.  Who wouldn’t want to roll up 1000 crazed gnomes, Katamari style with a flaming fusion core?

Anzu Available to Everyone

16 Oct

According to folks in the customer support forums, Anzu no longer requires a druid for summoning.  Apparently when you head into Heroic Setthek Halls he’s just hanging out in his old summoning room waiting for people to come along and PwN him.

While Blizzard hasn’t come out and said that this is expected or intended, I rather think that it is.  Increasing the drop rates on the epic Brewfest Mounts was likely the first sign of things to come.  After all – with old world flying coming in Cataclysm, where exactly are we going to be using these epic ground mounts?

**Quick update – It’s true.  Anzu awaits all comers in his summoning chamber.  A chamber that is usually filled with tons of trash mobs.  All of the trash is gone.  The summoning stone is gone.  Even the trash before Talon King Ikkis is gone.

Bastard still didn’t drop the reins though…

Veteran of the Shifting Sands

15 Oct

For all of you folks that completed the full Scepter of the Shifting Sands questline and perhaps most importantly – to all of us trying to finally complete it before Cataclysm destroys the line forever:

Blizzard announced today that you’ll be getting a special Feat of Strength for finishing it up:

Feats of Strength

  • Veteran of the Shifting Sands – Completed the gates of Ahn’Qiraj quest chain up to and including Treasure of the Timeless One (even if someone else ended up with the mount).

Very cool.  There’s been a long running petition for something like this by other acheesement heads like me over in the Official Achievement Forum.  I’m sure this discovery will make many of them quite happy.

That said – to all of you that haven’t finished yet.

The sand is running out!




Remember to Breathe

14 Oct

The forums are on fire.  Hot, angry, ready to quit fire.  There are quite a lot of people (who aren’t mages, shadow priests or warlocks) that are pretty bent out of shape about what 4.01 has done to their class.

Because I’m currently interested in this hunter of mine, I’ve been watching the molten river of angst flow through the official hunter forums, scorching and melting everything it touches.

It seems, that not everyone is enjoying their new focus bar.

People literally riducule me now when i try to play, his dps has been cut by 2/3’s, and no aoe to even try to make up for it. and u took eyes of the beast away the fun part of being a hunter again. after multiple respecs and buying outrageously priced glyphs 100’s of gold maybe thousands of gold later, im worse then i was b4 i was 80, i offically am parking my hunter , my main for over 4 years

** text is RED for added RAGE.

This is the taste and texture of what most of the detractors are claiming.  PvP Hunters QQ is noticeably worse.

In PvP: I have 3/5 wrathful with the 1800 weapon, been playing for 5 years got 129k honor kills… bout 1k resilience. Pretty much BiS items for PvP besides, obviously T2 weap couple more wrathful pieces, heroic DBW over my normal one. But i can’t kill a mage in blues and T9 because HUNTERS ARE OBVIOUSLY BROKEN AND NEED TO BE FIXED THERE IS NO REASON FOR ME TO DIE TO SOMEONE IN T9 EVER. This game is wrong right now and i REFUSE to play it, I can’t have fun because I DIE IN 2 SHOTS FROM ALTS WHO SOMEONE hasn’t even played in a couple of months.

** I wish I had something redder for this….

The caps really set things off.  Make you feel the tectonic levels of RAGE as the poster starts typing with their fists after having someone’s heroic geared frost mage nuke through his uber PvP hunter like a burning core of iron through tissue.  Others are equally angry, but manage to not bash their faces into the keyboards:

I’m finding it to be very difficult to use MM (Marksman Spec) in pvp. I just can’t get the damage out. I’m trying every… way I can think of.. but without being able to kite or deal damage point blank.. I have to agree with the above poster that’s it’s really not viable til level 83.

** You’ll notice the nice, calm blue here.  Well done!

Not viable until level 83.  The folks that have managed to remain positive are hoping that Aspect of the Fox will do something about their inability to kite and their constantly empty focus bars.  Others who claim to be in the beta tell these hopeful hunters that they really shouldn’t count on it.

Well.  I tooled around a bit last night and here’s what I found:

Normally – I do crappy dps on target dummies and respectable dps in raids / heroics.

Post Patch I have reversed this situation.

I went through VoA-10 last night as BM for 2 bosses and Marksman for a boss and some trash.  BM damage was about 1/2 of what I’m used to in a typical 10 man raid as an old school MM spec hunter.  Switching to my MM spec I found that my damage went up – but not by much.  I seem to have misplaced about 3-4k dps (or more) on average.  Keep the following in mind:

  1. I have not reforged any of my gear
  2. I have not taken a hard look at my gems (but I am almost full AGL – no ARP gems before the patch)
  3. I have not practiced any sort of shot rotation to the same degree that I did back when we had a mana bar
  4. I have refused to purchase some prime glyphs at current prices – thus – I am largely unglyphed
  5. I haven’t played my hunter or raided with him in almost a month

So, all of that said,  I’m probably about where I should be.

PvP though.  Woof.  It’s really hard to not get frustrated there.  Even specced as BM (the only hunter spec currently pvp viable if the forums are to be believed)  I was getting 2 shot by mages before I could really do any damage to well…anyone.  I suffered through two Alliance WSG pugs and finally decided I didn’t need the frustration anymore.  Nothing new here.  Practice makes perfect and I haven’t been practicing.  Still – I can more effectively kite on my Prot-Ret paladin than I can on my hunter – and that doesn’t make sense at all.

So – feeling a little awkward with my dps and still nursing bruises from PvP I decided to head into Zul’Gurub and work on grinding off the last 6k of reputation I need from those fine trolls before they’re gone forever.

Here things turned around.

Soloing with my tenacity pet was quite good.  Normally the Tiger boss trash is a bit of a pain in the ass what with all of those spinning axe throwers and the sea of tigers.  Not this time.  My ugly green Warp Stalker wandered into a double pack of them and we simply whittled the whole mess down to splinters.  On the Tiger boss and his friends – I took on all of them and thanks to multi-shot, trap launcher and a lot of focused pet dps managed to drop all three of the high priests faster and neater than any 20 man raid I was part of in vanilla ever thought about.

No Tiger Mount.  Go figure.

I finished my night by downing the snake boss, the raptor boss and clearing lots of trash looking for one of the little raptor pets (no luck).  After about 1000 rep worth of kills and an equal amount of coins and bijous collected I did some fishing.  Have to get my Chef’s title after all….and there are lightning eels in ZG for my stormchops (yum!).

All in all I think things are mostly fine.  I do think hunters are in a weird place right now – particularly when it comes to pvp mobility.  But honestly – that might just be me being bad.  We’ll see.  Otherwise – dps isn’t optimal but it’s not bad either.  Plus, most dps players are way too worried about raw numbers.  Yes, yes, numbers are important – but I’m hoping that in Cataclysm I’m doing enough boss kiting and trapping that there’s a reason why I’m not topping meters.  That’s way more interesting than congratulating myself over pressing a collection of buttons in the right order for 4-5 minutes.

So – hunters are mostly fine – just need to relearn how to Huntar.  Whether the new hunter is truly *fun* or not, we’ll see.  A lot of folks are saying that it isn’t and that they’re going to quit if Blizzard doesn’t fix it.  The best folks to listen to are the handful that have managed to avoid the QQ and are quietly sharing information about rotations and talent specs and the results of their 20 minute target dummy session.  They’re actively working on trying to figure things out, trying to get themselves back to good.  Through their hard work and attention to detail they most likely will and they’ll bring a lot of those quitters and complainers back from the brink as they do.

Remember to breathe.  The sky…is not falling.