Some Simple Macro Fun

29 Oct

Macros are fun.  Macros are useful.  Provided  you don’t try to DPS or Tank via the abomination that is the “/castsequence” command, they can help you keep your action bars tidy,  your keybinds uncomplicated and your game more enjoyable.  Every  now and then I come across some simple macros that don’t add to your DPS or make you an uber player – but they’re clever and they make things easier.  I figured I should share.

Hiding (or Showing) Your HELM or CLOAK

We’ve all be stuck with lame looking helms and cloaks in game.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to toggle them on and off without having to open  up the interface options menu screen?  You can.  Just create a new macro and add the following text:

For Helms:

/run ShowHelm(not ShowingHelm())

For Cloaks:

/run ShowCloak(not ShowingCloak())

You’ll have to make 2 macros if you want to be able to turn both items on and off.  Once you’re done, just click once to toggle either your helm or cloak “off” – click again and it’s back on!

Doing Something Random

Another kinda neat one is throwing a random number generator into a macro.  There are a lot of folks that like to make their characters “say” something everytime they use an ability….(Yes – we’re all thinking of Death Knights right now and their GET OVAH HURRR! macros for Death Grip….)

Well – what if you wanted to do something like that – but didn’t want to be an annoying twat EVERY TIME you pressed the key?  Well – a Paladin I know wanted to be able to macro the phrase “Repent!” when she used an instant Exorcism.  After a while – this got to be a bit obnoxious and she decided she just wanted it to happen “now and then”.


/cast Exorcism
/run if random(5)==1 then SendChatMessage(“Repent!”) end

The /stopcasting command is there to kill any Exorcisms that aren’t instants.  What the rest of the macro does is simply roll a 5 sided dice – if the pips come up “1” – then the Paladin will say “Repent!” as she casts the spell.

There are lots of things you could do with this.  I know one WoW Insider writer that macros the Headless Horseman’s laughter sound to his Paladin’s Hammer of Wrath ability.


I bet that gets annoying if you’re on the other end of it 🙂

Have any fun macros?  Feel free to share!


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