To Gank Horde

29 Apr

imgresWait…I’m Horde.

You don’t gank your own faction.  It just doesn’t work that way.  But oohh – lately, I want to so bad.

Why?  Because my server is filling up with so many thoughtless, me-first, gimme-gimme ninja players that it makes me just BLEED FROM THE EYES.

Fitting – because most of them…okay…all of them I’ve encountered are Blood Elves….

There you are – minding your own business – taking care of your dailies.  You run into Hibernal Cavern and see a room full of the happy black slimes you need to polish up Hodir’s Helm.

“I’ll take that one on the left,” you think and start to throw a hunters mark up on it.

[The Turbo Charger Sound of a Rogue Popping Sprint]

Suddenly a blood elf rogue races into the room ahead of you – tags ALL OF THE SLIMES and merrily goes about butchering them.

You’re peeved – but what are you going to do?  Call him out?


Bitch about him in /trade or /general?

/ridiculed by all

Suck it up and look for more slimes?

/yeah – prolly.

So enter Noble Garden – or as I like to call it “The Great Egg-Campa-Thon”.  There you are – basket in hand trying to work your way through Razor Hill in order to beat one of the many camping bunnies to an egg.  You find one.   Then bang – another BELF comes up behind you as you’re starting to click on the egg – stands right on top of you – and clips your ability to open the egg.  They ninja it out from under  you.  Then they run over to another player and do it again.

What’s worse?  This happens so much that it’s leading others to do the same.  It’s a crappy cycle, you start out with this small cadre of ass-monkeys and as it slowly but surely affects the “normal” players  you get a whole server full of ass-monkeys.

And you can’t GANK any of them.

I don’t know about the rest of you – but I’m waiting for the day when I can “go to war” with *any* faction in the game.

There are some players that were never taught manners by their parents.  Either that or the lessons just didnt’ stick.  In my increasingly aggrivated opinion, the best way to deal with them is to GANK them and then CAMP their bodies until the message sinks in.

“Whoa there Windpaw – you’re on an RP server – maybe you need a change of venue?  I think the all the ERP and all the vampire-cat-girls with eyepatches and tragic backstories are starting to take their toll.”


But even if I transfer back to a PvP server – I’d have to roll Alliance in order to camp these losers.

And we *all* know the Alliance is full of the same kinds of players – it’s what drove many of us to the Horde in the first place.


With any faction.

Whenever I want.

It’s the only answer.


[Todays Message does not apply to Klinderas who we all know to be a fine, upstanding citizen of the Horde. Nor is it a rant against Blood Elf kind. This is simply one player who tries to be polite and accomodating to others finally getting fed up with all the mob-tagging, egg ninjaing, fills up mah trade channel with soft porn, players. You need some fat hairy dwarf to turn you over their mailed knee and give you a good spanking with Rhok’Delar!]



4 Responses to “To Gank Horde”

  1. Kay April 29, 2009 at 19:13 #

    Bitch about him in /trade or /general?

    /ridiculed by all

    This is what makes my blood boil…not only are people getting ruder, but everyone treats you like YOU are the one with the problem when you mention it…

  2. Capn John April 29, 2009 at 20:22 #

    Runes of Magic. I’m whacking away at a node, progress bar slowly filling up to show I’ve almost successfully mined it and about to get my Ore when
    Flash! A Priest has cast Heal on me…interrupting my Mining. Well, I didn’t need the Heal, but thanks anyway. Nice that folks are so helpful in this game (compared to another one I think we all know).

    Resume Mining. Progress Bar slowly filling up. Filling…filling…filling. Flash! I’m healed! Mining interrupted, again.

    WTF? Oh, I see. Funny guy, aren’t you.

    Resume Mining. Progress Bar starts to fill up. Flash! I’m Healed. Again. Even though I’m abso-fucking-lutely 100% maxed out on Health and didn’t need it! DOUCH BAG!


    Yes, the Priest healed me, deliberately, to stop me from Mining the Node, just so he could Mine it.

    Oh no, you fucking don’t!

    I spam Right-click the Node as fast as I can, and let me tell you. While I might be just a few months this side of 40, that means these fingers have been button mashing for well over 20 years. Greased lightning, baby! These fingers can MASH!!!

    Click! Object is Busy. (Yeah, I can see that. Fucking Node-Ninja is mining it. But he’s not getting a second whack at MY Node!)
    Click! Object is Busy.
    Click! Object is Busy.
    Click! Mining!

    Yeah! Take that! Hah HA! Flash! Healed! Mining Interrupted! But Ninja’d?
    Hell, NO! I never stopped Right-Clicking! I told you, I’m almost 40. I didn’t come down in the last shower, you know!

    Ninja Priest gave up and went in search of easier prey.

    Just an FYI, this was a Zinc Node. That’s the RoM equivalent of Copper. That shit is everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. There’s Nodes all over the place in this game. Your Minimap has automatic tracking of Herbs, Ore, & Wood, at all times! And you can learn to Harvest all three if you want. And you don’t need to rotate between tracking the three resources; they’re up there AT ALL TIMES! And sometimes, there’s 2 to 3 of EACH RESOURCE on your Minimap AT THE SAME TIME! It’s a Harvester’s Wet Dream, I’m tellin’ ya!

    Which is what made this Healer-Interruptus Node-Ninja even more annoying.

    But the abundant resources didn’t mean I’d let him get away with being a Ninja. Hell, NO, buddy! You want to Mine? Just take a couple of steps to the left and whack that Node. Because this one here? It’s MY MINE!

    Yeah, sometimes I wish I could gank my own faction, too.

  3. duniness April 29, 2009 at 21:59 #

    Many many people feel as you do just check out

    sorry bout the link spam.

    /vote for ganking own faction

  4. Windpaw April 29, 2009 at 22:26 #

    @duniness – thanks for the link! I read BBB’s take on “Ninja-Garden” ((great name)) and totally agree. Apparently he took a fair bit of grief from some readers for using his blog to “gank” an egg ninja from his own faction. I personally think it was wonderful.

    If you haven’t already read it – check BBB’s post out. If you can’t gank these guys you can at least drop their toons name on the WWW.

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