Get out of Moon Guard

9 Dec

So Blizzard just announced free server transfers off of Moon Guard. Great. The problem? They’re sending folks to Farstriders, a relatively dead world devoid of oxygen and life.

The Last time Blizzard did this, just about the only thing they accomplished was to effect the transfer of unwanted alts off of Moon Guard.  No discernable effect was noticed in regards to login times, queues, or overall server lagtasticness.

From the comments in the realm forums, it looks like this is what’s happening again. Apparently, no one wants to go to Farstriders.


Last one to 85 wins….

8 Dec

I don’t know what to do.  I don’t know where to start.  Annoyed with myself I’ve been plinking around trying to kick things off and get excited about leveling again.  It’s not working.  Instead I end up logging on to a favorite toon and doing the following:

  1. Buying my Flight Master’s License
  2. Picking up Archaeology
  3. Training Professions
  4. Heading to Hyjal
  5. Sitting there Gobstomped as MILLIONS of Moon Guarders swarm the quest givers
  6. Piddle my way through a few quests
  7. Log out – Log in another Alt and start the process over

I’m almost out of alts.

And I don’t know what to do first or with which toon.

The sneaking, suspicious part of me is starting to think that after all these years and all the words I’ve written, I’m simply getting bored of the game.  Yeah – that’s what I said.

Bored of the game?  NOW?  Cataclysm’s release, with all of these things you’ve been looking forward to and you’re bored now??? REALLY?

Maybe?  I dunno.

All I know is that I just can’t seem to get started.  Many of my friends have already managed to make it to level 82-83 and I’m not even out of the gate yet.  There’s a part of me that wants to just dive in and start completely over – cast it all to the wind.  There’s another part of me that thinks *that other* part is stupid and reminds me how much time I’ve put into my paladin, my druid and my beloved hunter.

Frustrated with it all I decided to avoid the “who to level up next” question and rolled over to Gilneas to try out the Worgen scene.  I was thoroughly entertained and after accepting that I too would be rolling a Worgen Druid (for educational purposes you understand!) I managed to finally finish things up and hit Darnassus today.  Something irks me though.  Not sure what it is.  As a visual creature I tend to gravitate toward characters that I’m happy to look at day in and day out.  The male worgen form bugs me.  Unfortunately the female worgen voice is honestly more annoying than a blood elf male’s voice and I don’t know if I could handle that.

Frustrated.  So thoroughly frustrated.  Ah well – I have a couple more alts I can kill time with tonight.  Maybe inspiration will strike.


Realm First

7 Dec


To all of you that tried to log in immediately after the Cataclysm switch over.


Did you really think 12 million people could fit inside one phone booth at the same time?


My copy of Cata is inbound here today.  I’m sure all of the power levelers are halfway to 83 by now and that there’s some poor sleepless soul that will hit 85 in the next day or so.  Have fun with that.

Anyway – Happy Cataclysm Launch everyone – I’ll see you in there eventually.

Worgen Druids – or – The Coming Furry Flood

3 Dec

And on December 7th – when the servers came back up – a new Flavor of the Month race / class combination was born….

The Worgen Druid.

The woods of Elwynn Forest will be clogged with them come Cata, killing Blackrock Orcs, gathering apples and stealing candles FROM EVERYONE.  The feral atrocities that are going to be witnessed in the darker, seedier parts of Goldshire are going to be unspeakable.

And there’s nothing any of us can do about it.

I don’t know about the rest of you – but I’m investing in flea spray.  And if you have children – I wouldn’t let them anywhere near Goldshire on Moon Guard without a blindfold or a 40 man horde raid.

Seriously people, if you thought the tide of Sunwalkers and Dwarven Shaman were bad after 4.03a, you haven’t seen anything like the fury-tide that is due to hit our world next week.

I’ll call it the Furpocalypse…

Or maybe…Furmageddon.

It’s gonna be bad…bad…badbadbad….

::twitches in his corner::

Stay away from Goldshire….

The horror….


(the horror)

Your Blood Elf Paladin is Beautiful and it’s OK

1 Dec

Seriously.  It’s okay.

Stop telling your friends:

“It’s the only way to have a Pally if you’re Horde.”

Because you KNOW in your heart of hearts that’s probably not the reason you’re playing a blood elf paladin!  I know SO MANY Blood Elf Paladins that are sweating bullets because they’ve been using that line to deflect haters since Burning Crusade launched.

“Naw man, naww.  I roll with a Blood Elf because I want to play pally.  It’s blizz’ man – not me.”

BAM…4.03a drops….Queue the Sunwalkers.

How many of those guys do you think rerolled Tauren?

Yeah – not a damn one.

And  you know what?  SO WHAT!

Rhidach is probably one of the best known Pally tanks in the WoW blogosphere and he’s totally cool with telling people that not only is he staying a Blood Elf, but that he really doesn’t like the Tauren model:

Personally, I’m going to stay Blood Elf. That 2200 health isn’t worth having to deal with a massive model that is illusorily a plodding laggard, nor giving up the emotional connection I’ve made to my character as is.

This guy is a better tank than you (YARLY) and he’s okay with with his BELF.

Why aren’t you?

I mean really, my son loves to play Trolls.  Good on him!  The Cynical Brit would approve.  But you know what?  My son is 9-years-old.  What does that say about everyone else that plays a troll?  That they play trolls because they’re the intellectual equivalents of grade schoolers?  Of course not.  So just because you play a blood elf doesn’t mean you’re more worried about your hair-do than your game performance.  It doesn’t mean that you’re “not really Horde”.  The Inescapable Internet Ass Monkeys will spend a lot of time trying to feed you this crap because it justifies their already weak world order.  Don’t let them get away with it.

Do what you want.  Play what  you want and stop making excuses.

** this message brought to you by the committee for “Stop /facepalming my Sunwalker” and “BELF – Blood Elves Love Fite”.  Special underwriting from the Blizzard “Stop Making Fun of our Lore” Foundation.


29 Nov

Sunwalkers, I love them.  The tauren paladin is everything I wanted out of the new race class combinations wrapped up in one hoofed, horned and kodo riding package.  And what a kodo it is too.  The Great Sunwalker Kodo is probably my favorite mount in the game.  Getting to ride one through the new Orgimmar has totally eclipsed my desire for the ZG Tiger.  YARLY.

See what I mean?  Between the splendid redo of the Tauren starting area and the overall excellence of 4.03a questing in general, I’m having a hard time getting excited about Cataclysm’s launch being right around the corner.  As far as I’m concerned, there’s a completely new game to be enjoyed out there right now.

One thing that has surprised me is the amount of Sunwalker “hate” I’m getting from the Alliance.  At least once a day I have some stump legged human wander by and emote “facepalm” at me and my wonderful day-glo kodo.  What’s the deal? Are we not pretty enough?  Are we breaking your lore?  I think it’s because my kodo makes that charger of yours feel like what it really is – a lame ass horse wearing a bed-sheet.

It’s okay.  When no one else is looking – I’ll let you take her for a spin around the Stormwind docks.  While you’re at it, you can soak in the sheer majestic splendor of a Tauren in full plate bathed in An’she’s golden brilliance.  Keep on /facepalming though – we all know it’s just envy.  We’ll see you in Mulgore soon enough.

So yeah.  Sunwalker’s rock.

That and Aponi Brightmane is HAWT….Seriously – she makes the rest of the Pally trainers out there just look weak 😉

The Queue

29 Nov

Trying to get into Moon Guard seems to a losing proposition tonight.

The queue is long.  Over 1000 people ahead of me at this point.

Since 4.03a dropped it has been like this –




I’ve toyed with leaving MG for a while and even tried it on an alt for a while.  These queues just might seal the deal.