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The Blessing of Tol Barad

3 Jan

‘Twas a couple of days after Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except dad’s mouse.  He was cursing and swearing and throwing out heals left and right, the Alliance was on the attack and that just wasn’t right.

They’d held Tol Barad all week, the dailies secure and the honor gain tight.  But it had all been lost in a moment because of a bunch of noobs playing the other night.

So there dad sat – his laptop cradled in his lap.  His paladin pouring out heals while they attacked and attacked and attacked.  3 bases at one time?  Impossible!  Improbable! Against the injustice they did thrash.

“You noobs quit fighting on the roads – rezzers to Slagworks – we can win this if we’re fast!

Like thunder they did ride, all the way across the zone.  Arriving before the Horde Zerg could call Slag its new home.

With an whoop and a cheer dear dad did wake the house!

He couldn’t believe it!  They did it!  The impossible task!

Taking back Tol Barad on Offense, 1800 honor points…


(This is what happens on my first day back at work after a fantastically flu filled Christmas Holiday)


Why did the PvP Hunter Cross the Road?

1 Nov

To get to his corpse and respawn of course…

It’s tough out there folks.  Hopefully level 85 brings more hunter pvp fun.

In other news – Kripparian has a 4.0 Hunter guide movie with some simple tips for hunters having a hard time acclimatizing to the focus of the new world order.


To My Cloth Wearing Friends

1 Oct

If you are a caster and you ever wanted to feel overwhelmingly OVERPOWERED – I heartily recommend that you download the Test Realm Client, copy a pre-made 80 full of epics over to the test server of your choice and run a few games of Warsong Gulch.

You guys are terrifying – seriously.

My premade protection warrior in full relentless PvP gear with over 35k health and over 1000 resilience was getting torched by mages, warlocks and shadow priests in a matter of seconds.  They killed me so fast that my scrolling combat text couldn’t catch up to all the damage being done.  And mobility?  Mages are nightmares.  Demo Warlock pets now heroic leap (or something) into you and start bladestorming.  If the ‘lock manages to dot  you and fear you – you’re dead long before the fear wears off.  Shadow Priests have this new creepy ability that sends scads of RP walking simulacrums out in front of them to disorient and confuse you…all the while they’re waiting in the bushes happily nuking the crap out of horrified melee characters.

Hunter’s and Elemental Shaman are scary – but in my estimation not as scary as the guys from the cloth brigade.  I can get few shots in on a hunter, before they disengage and fire off deterrence.  I can spell reflect a shammies long cast time lava blasts and put my shield in their teeth.  Against both I can survive and fight back.  But all of this is for naught when one of you dress wearing marauders points your fire/frost/black-shadowy-death bolts at me and unleashes.

I fall over.

Then I cry some.

I’ll head back in and practice some more with this, but for the moment, zoning in to the battlegrounds and seeing the opposing team a virtual wall of clothies makes me want to /afk more than anything else.  Between the lopsided damage and the 4.01 nerf to resilience things are feeling a little wonky in the PvP house.

But like I said – if you’re a clothy, don’t miss this opportunity to wreck face!  Ghostcrawler has acknowledged that damage is a little bit out of control for some and not for others, because the development team is trying to set things up for PvP at 85 vs. 80.  He’s talking about a pvp “debuff” of sorts to settle damage down a bit which makes sense unless you happen to play a class that is feeling particularly underpowered at the moment.

::Takes a moment to wave at Combat Rogues::

Either way – jump on the PTR and look around for a bit.  The changes inbound are neat – but also a little scary!  Plus – if you copy a premade over you can spend 20 minutes or so chortling at all the epic gear stuffed into your character’s bags.  Plus – there are Raven Lord Mounts for the asking!  It’s kinda like Christmas and your birthday all at once.

Particularly if you’re a clothy caster!

Now…if you’ll pardon me.  I need to find some bactine for these burns….

Camo Nerfed

21 Sep

Raise your hand if you’re surprised…

Yeah – me either.  Hunters logging onto the beta realm were met warmly by the nerf bat as of the latest patch.  Beastmaster hunters wept openly at the ravaging of Kill Command’s damage coefficients and all hunters who had Camouflage filled dreams of being the next Predator have been left with a  hollow shell of a talent that seems to look neat, but has had all of the badassery ripped out its neck and replaced with something vile.

Get to the Choppah….

While the nerf to camo alone isn’t going to make us an unviable LOL-Class, hunters, particularly pvp hunters are justifiably annoyed.   Where Camouflage gave us some protection while we slunk about in our sunlight on rippling water coat of awesome, things have changed.  Now we can be flushed from our pseudo stealth via AoE and Melee.  This is particularly brutal since unlike rogues and feral druids who are truly hidden via stealth, a hunter under the effects of Camouflage are visible if perhaps obscured somewhat.  To counter a predator wanna-be hunter now simply requires a /lol and a bit of casual AoE.   So we’re left with what?  A cool visual effect?  Best I can tell that’s it.  For PvP players that were cheering perhaps one of the most useful tools to be gifted to the hunter class in some time, the ability has for all intents and purposes been reduced to the sad excuse for a level 85 talent that our PvE brethren originally believed it to be.

If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It…

Hunters of course will bleed.  As our burgeoning awesomeness continues to be pummeled, it becomes easier to understand why some of our other talents are shaping up the way they currently are.  With Aspect of the Fox (which I figure is the one aspect I’ll live in while PvPing) my focus regens when people are hitting me and I can shoot steady shot and cobra shot while running away.  The key strategy I foresee for PvP hunters consists of much running away in fact.   Which is fine.  After all when you hear the word “kite” you almost always think of hunters.  Yet  after all of this time PvPing in WotLK and having to work so hard to keep away from the melee classes in order to stay alive, things don’t feel as balanced as I’d like.  At first I chalked this up to me just not being the best at PvP huntery.  Which is subjective of course.  To some – I’m damn good.  To others – I’m meat.  But after spending the past month or so PvPing with a melee class again I can say this.  Hunters are the one class that I have no fear of whatsoever.  On my protection warrior or prot-ret paladin I simply soak the damage and destroy the hunter.  Even on that Prot-Ret Pally which has all of one useful stun and one ranged slow (both on long cooldowns) – I have zero problems closing gaps on the average hunters I meet in battlegrounds.  Once I’ve got them close I can usually kill them before they remember to deterrence or laugh as they disengage up a hill and go pretty much nowhere.  Sure – maybe I’m killing substandard hunters or maybe I just know the class well enough that I know instinctively how to counter their tricks.

(editor) Or maybe you’re playing a face-roll counter class you no-skill keymasher!

Maybe.  Regardless, hunter pvp has never felt as satisfying as melee pvp and to me, there’s something wrong with that.

Still, running about smashing other hunters can be useful.  Time spent in the iron shod boots of the enemy is a great way to learn how to fight them.  But to my thinking – and perhaps to my temperament – as a hunter, it irks me to continuously have to run away just to be viable.  Not just strike and fade and strike and fade, which is how a smart hunter should fight, but the ragged, desperate scrabble away from melee classes, barely daring to stop and plink at them out of fear that a death grip or an absurdly ranged stun brings you back  in range of their greedy blades.

I’m watching the situation and have hope that Cataclysm hunters are going to come back with a RAWR and own some face.  But we’ll see.  We’ll see.  Until then my huntery brethren – remember Rule #2 of Hunter PvP:


Hunter Camo Delicious

3 Sep

Saw this on today in regards to Camo:

Also, Camo is sick… love it.

Hate hunters, though.

Trap, Trap, Trap, Parry, Parry, Parry, Deflect Deflect, Dodge Deflect, Disengage……

……. Readiness.


Well now.  If that didn’t just make my day.  My PvE oriented amigos aren’t so kean on Camo – but *me* – I think it sounds delicious.

If you’d like to see how deliciousness looks check out the video below:

Huntering the PvP Plains – Crawl Phase

8 Jul

So in between all of this Loremaster / Seeker business that I’ve been trudging through has been some planning for (what I hope to be) a much improved situation for battleground PvP in Cataclysm.  BG PvP has historically been one of my favorite things to do in the game, but with all of the changes to the hunter class, the rise and fall of resilience and the sad state of affairs of Alliance PvP in Emberstorm – I just haven’t found a lot to love lately.

The sad truth though is that for all of the excuses I can come up with in regards to how bad WoW PvP seems to be at the moment don’t hold a candle to the fact that I have let my PvP chops completely fall by the wayside.  Like anything that requires muscle memory to do well, you really need to practice PvP to be good at PvP.  I have not practiced in ages.  Thus – I am no longer good.

It’s time to get to goodering myself.

Step 1:

Faction Change to Horde….

Step 2:


Wait – what?   🙂

Okay – joking aside….

Step 1: Some visual learning aides are required – hit the hunter PvP video circuit…

Videos are a great way to pick up tips from folks that already have their PvP chops solid.  Quality is hit and miss of course and you’ll see a dozen blurry crapfests set to bad music to every useful video.  Here are a few that I find helpful for different reasons:

Kripparrian’s 3.2 PvP Video

Krip’ doesn’t follow the trend of stacking skads of resilience.  Instead – he combines really smooth moves with top quality PvE gear and (often) a pocket healer.  Hell – who needs resilience when  you’ve got a priest keeping you topped off.  Seriously though – Kripparrian’s videos are always high quality productions that are set to good music and are crystal clear to watch.  When I say his moves are smooth I mean it.  In a world where noob PvP’ers are frantically thrashing at their buttons, Krip’ manages to destroy people in detail by remembering a saying a lot of my buddies use when they practice room clearing.  Slow is smooth – smooth is fast.

This is Watupm – the video is kinda fuzzy but if you stop motion on his text hints – some are fairly useful.  It’s not all PvP canon by any means, but if you’re a new Hunter getting into PvP you can do a lot worse than watching this video and picking up some simple tips.

My personal favorite hunter PvP movies are probably those done by Danaik.  If you like to watch really good world PvP and want to see a survival hunter played to the very *teeth* – check these videos out.  One note of caution: Survival Hunters have seen a nerf or three since these were made and  you might not be able to reproduce some of the moves.  That said – Danaik makes a habit of destroying level 80 players while only level 72-73 herself.  It’s worth a watch to pick up some great moves as well as to enjoy probably the very best music selection in any Hunter PvP videos – PERIOD.  I’ve linked the first video – watch all 4 – or – better yet – head over to Warcraft Movies and watch the full length versions.

Okay –  that’s step one down.  We’re picking up some visual aides and getting ourselves in the mood.  The next steps?

  • Practice
  • Practice
  • Practice

At the moment I’m stuck playing on my laptop which isn’t the greatest for raiding or fast/furious pvp.  I need to address this, but it’s no excuse to not get out and play.  If I can manage to record a few clips that don’t suck – I’ll post them here.

How about the rest of you?  Any suggestions as I work toward the goodering of my PvP?  Videos?  Macros?  Websites?  Drop me a link!

Isle of Conquest

12 Jun

I think I wet myself a little reading [ this ]

The Isle of Conquest Preview reminds me of all of the great things I remember enjoying from old school Alterac Valley.  Now if they add some cool rewards for doing this BG I’ll be a happy panda.