Holy Paladin Stealth Nerf

14 Dec


Holy Paladins are furious.

Their tier 6 talent ( Tower of Radiance ) and a much loved healing mechanic that it enabled are now dead.

What many paladin saw as an unexpected byproduct (bug?) of the hot fix lands on people as they’re trying to take care of business by healing heroics and raid content.  Suddenly with no warning, holy pallies go from healing superheroes with wings to mana starved heal spammers sweating to keep the tank alive.  They begin to furiously test their heals – check the tool tips on Tower of Radiance – nothing seems to have changed, but they’re absolutely no longer working as expected.

Pallies think it’s a scary, scary bug.  Until a Blizzard Community Manager comes along and tells them the changes are intended and proceeds to explain why.

The thread – which can be found HERE devolves into twenty odd pages of FLAME and FURY.  Most of it is great reading.

Still…as a player (if not a healing paladin) I feel like Blizzard handled this extremely poorly.  While it’s not wrong to fix a mechanic that they feel imbalances the healing game it is wrong to do it the way they did.  By slipping it in under the radar, not updating the tooltips and not offering holy paladins a talent reset.  Then coming in and rather smugly informing people that it was an important fix to maintain their intended healing balance across the classes.

Well…that’s fine…really.  But if it were really important and you’ve been paying attention to it for a while, why not include it in the patch notes?  Why not some warning?  I don’t get that part.  Alienating players is never good silent nerfs are never fun.  If you’re going to tank a classes tier 6 talent at least step up and tell people you’re going to do it.  Don’t toss it out on the down low and justify it afterward.

To me that’s just poor customer service.  I love the game and I’d never quit over something like this, but you know what?  Do it enough and I might.

And there are players out there with far, far shorter fuses than I have.

-1 Cookie Blizzard.


** Note – Blizzard updated their community site today with several gotchas.


5 Responses to “Holy Paladin Stealth Nerf”

  1. Len December 15, 2010 at 08:02 #

    I’m pretty sure Blizzard has ninja-hotfixed stuff in the past…. although I can’t think of any examples, maybe I’m just assuming they have because that’s how I think they’d behave?

    I did wonder why in the few dungeons I’d explored, shaman and druid healers were drinking after every couple of pulls while the paladin healer was at 90% mana at all times. I guess this explains it! It’s funny you describe them as ‘mana starved heal spammers sweating to keep the tank alive’ because I’m pretty sure that’s how every other healer already feels…

    As you say though, no matter the necessity of the fix it was sneakily implemented. I wonder if they were really that worried about the impact on bleeding-edge raiders that they couldn’t wait 12 hours to announce the hotfix first.

  2. Windpaw December 15, 2010 at 15:23 #

    @ Len – if anything I’d bet it was their concerns about what the imbalance might mean for the brand new PvP Season that just got underway.

  3. Anna December 15, 2010 at 16:44 #

    Blizzard did this with Avenging Wrath. Then they did it with the bubble, possibly twice (I don’t remember). Then they did it with BOTH the bubble and the Avenging Wrath. The last one they did on a Thursday morning, and didn’t actually tell anyone about it until there was a furor on the forums from raid healers going “wait, what?”. They have a long history of doing this shit, and it happens most frequently to paladins (though warlocks have had their share).

    Frankly, it sucks, and it’s a HUGE frustration as a Holy Paladin player.

  4. Anna December 15, 2010 at 16:45 #

    Also, don’t mind me, I’ve not had my coffee (that comment is somewhat grumpier sounding than intended). >.>

  5. Windpaw December 15, 2010 at 17:44 #

    @ Anna 🙂 ::coffee::

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