Your Blood Elf Paladin is Beautiful and it’s OK

1 Dec

Seriously.  It’s okay.

Stop telling your friends:

“It’s the only way to have a Pally if you’re Horde.”

Because you KNOW in your heart of hearts that’s probably not the reason you’re playing a blood elf paladin!  I know SO MANY Blood Elf Paladins that are sweating bullets because they’ve been using that line to deflect haters since Burning Crusade launched.

“Naw man, naww.  I roll with a Blood Elf because I want to play pally.  It’s blizz’ man – not me.”

BAM…4.03a drops….Queue the Sunwalkers.

How many of those guys do you think rerolled Tauren?

Yeah – not a damn one.

And  you know what?  SO WHAT!

Rhidach is probably one of the best known Pally tanks in the WoW blogosphere and he’s totally cool with telling people that not only is he staying a Blood Elf, but that he really doesn’t like the Tauren model:

Personally, I’m going to stay Blood Elf. That 2200 health isn’t worth having to deal with a massive model that is illusorily a plodding laggard, nor giving up the emotional connection I’ve made to my character as is.

This guy is a better tank than you (YARLY) and he’s okay with with his BELF.

Why aren’t you?

I mean really, my son loves to play Trolls.  Good on him!  The Cynical Brit would approve.  But you know what?  My son is 9-years-old.  What does that say about everyone else that plays a troll?  That they play trolls because they’re the intellectual equivalents of grade schoolers?  Of course not.  So just because you play a blood elf doesn’t mean you’re more worried about your hair-do than your game performance.  It doesn’t mean that you’re “not really Horde”.  The Inescapable Internet Ass Monkeys will spend a lot of time trying to feed you this crap because it justifies their already weak world order.  Don’t let them get away with it.

Do what you want.  Play what  you want and stop making excuses.

** this message brought to you by the committee for “Stop /facepalming my Sunwalker” and “BELF – Blood Elves Love Fite”.  Special underwriting from the Blizzard “Stop Making Fun of our Lore” Foundation.


7 Responses to “Your Blood Elf Paladin is Beautiful and it’s OK”

  1. Pike December 1, 2010 at 16:25 #

    I SO agree!

    I actually like blood elves. Well, the male variety anyway, but then, I’m biased.

    (I like tauren too. And gnomes. <3)

  2. Antigen December 1, 2010 at 16:51 #

    “So just because you play a blood elf doesn’t mean you’re more worried about your hair-do than your game performance.”

    Well certainly not *all* the time.

  3. Etni December 1, 2010 at 16:53 #

    I made a male BELF pally and played him to 19. I was distraught when the best leggings I could find looked like a 16-year-old girl’s short shorts. After listening to his haughty full-of-himself voice for 19 levels, the hot pants tipped me over and I deleted him.

    That said, be proud of the race/class you love! BELFs aren’t for me, but I know plenty of people are big fans. If you’re into hot pants, more power to you.

  4. Klepsacovic December 1, 2010 at 17:10 #

    But it’s true! I only made a blood elf paladin because that was the only Horde paladin race. Given a chance I’d have gladly made a troll paladin. Oh, still not an option. Belf it is!

  5. deana331 December 1, 2010 at 17:55 #

    I have a Belf pally and she shall stay. Brittney Spears dance and all. I so am not giving up my arcane torrent! Not on the pally…not on the priest. (P.S I made my druid a troll and love her Berserk and all.) =)

  6. Tam December 2, 2010 at 12:00 #


    “So just because you play a blood elf doesn’t mean you’re more worried about your hair-do than your game performance.”

    Really? Because I’m quite worried about my hair. It could get caught in my shield. Or covered in blood.

  7. Rhidach December 3, 2010 at 16:59 #

    I second what my equally well-coiffed comrade, Antigen, said above.

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