Tier 11

11 Nov

Looks like crap.  My apologies to the artists and animators that I’m sure worked very hard on all of it – but the models just do not inspire.  Hunters in particular seem to be the butt of a joke – though I’m sure that players that always wanted to look like a murloc will undoubtedly be pleased.  I don’t know – maybe with the helm graphics turned off it won’t be bad.  The paladin set (particularly the heroic gear) looks fairly good, so it’s not a total wash I suppose.

That’s the way it goes though.  Blizzard can only do so much to please all of us with the games aesthetics.  As underwhelmed as I am, I’m sure there are countless legions that think T-11 is the best looking stuff they’ve ever seen.

MMO-Champion has the most updated pics as usual.

Male T-11

Female T-11


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