Razzashi Hatchling No Longer Endangered

11 Nov

Free Westfall Press


DEHTA activists and Venture Company officials, long time antagonists in Stranglethorn Vale and throughout Azeroth’s many wild spaces came together in Stormwind today to make a joint announcement.

“DEHTA, in coordination with the Venture Company and with the help of the Nessingwary Foundation for Rare Wildlife have found a solution to the problem of the rapidly disappearing Razzashi Raptor,” said DEHTA representative Hierophant Delissa Sunsong.  “Through a combination of protected locations and careful management, we expect to save this increasingly rare and exceptionally beautiful species for the benefit of future generations.”

Venture Company Officials were present for the announcement, but were tight lipped as to the location the endangered raptors would be moved to, sighting agreements with DEHTA to preserve the secrecy of the new location until such time as the raptors were no longer threatened.  Ajeck Rouack, the Nessingwary Foundation’s Chief of Game Management was enthusiastic about the joint move to protect the raptor.

“Fully grown they’re magnificent,” he said.  “Truly one of the most frightening and awe inspiring forces of nature anywhere in Azeroth, the Nessingwary Foundation is proud to be working with DEHTA and the Venture Company to protect this fine game animal.”


Yup – looks like the little Razzashi Hatchling is going to survive the Cataclysm after all.  Expect to see prices on these raptors TUMBLE in the AH.  To all of you that have been farming ZG non-stop in hopes of finding one of these little devils (or who hoped to profit from the critters expected demise from the loot tables) you can either sigh in relief or RAGE at the injustice of it all.  Blizzard seems to be trying to please as many people as possible with these last minute announcements.  Between the last minute saving of the Insane title (sans Shendralar rep) and now the protected status of the Razzashi Hatchling, one has to wonder what else is going to change before Deathwing cleaves the world?


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