Cataclysm Faction and Race Changes

10 Nov

*** This is another old post that is currently getting a lot of traffic.  Be advised you CAN race change to the new Cataclysm based race / class combinations!


Blizzard ended speculation around the subject of faction or race changing to Goblin or Worgen today.  According to a post on the Cataclysm community site – Blizzard will allow players wanting to take advantage of rapid onset Worgenization or clinical goblinization immediatly upon the release of Cataclysm.  Changes to the new race / class combinations are expected to be available prior to the Cataclysm release.

This has  a lot of players in a frenzy as they try to calculate the endless permutations of the following:

Blood Elf Warrior or Goblin Warrior?

Troll Druid or Worgen Druid?

Tauren Paladin or Gnome Priest?

Dwarven Enhancement Shaman or …. Nah – you can’t top that….

For achievement junkies hoping to nail realm first Worgen or realm first Goblin achievements, Blizz’ also pointed out that they have changed the “realm first” achievements to no longer include races – just classes.  So your brand spanking new Worgen Druid can qualify for a realm first Druid achievement – but not a realm first “Worgen”.

Sadly (not really) since I have a life – I will not be anywhere close to getting realm first *anything*.

I do have some changes in mind – but with the shattering coming so close to the holiday season I may not be able to make them all happen in good time.

One of my original plans had been to swap out my main with a brand new Worgen Druid, level him to 85 and never look back.  While I haven’t written this plan off entirely, I just don’t seem to be enjoying the druid tanking changes as much as I would have liked.  Cat form is still a hoot though and the class itself is as strong (or stronger) than it has ever been.  We’ll have to see.  With faction / race changes being immediately available, my druid, Growl – (which is a picture perfect name for a Worgen Druid IMHO) could easily slide over to full-time furry right on release day.

Still trying to balance that plan though.  My paladin seems to be eating up all of my game time right now and I’m not embarrassed to say it.  The guy is a complete blast to play.  He’s resilient, can heal, can burst and is officially my very first max level Engineer.  It’s just too much fun to plug into one package.  There’s my hunter too.  Unfortunately I just can’t seem to get back into the class.  Focus is great – don’t get me wrong – the whole new pet management thing is great too.  I’m just not having fun with the class for some reason.  A harsh blow to a toon with over 6000 achievement points and the Seeker title I always wanted.

So – as it stands – I’ve been laboriously trying to keep up with all of the pre-Cata events (and holiday events) on ALL THREE of these characters.  As an achievement junky and a self diagnosed obsessive compulsive FREAK it makes perfect sense for me to do this as I could very easily swing drastically one way or the other to ANY of these characters – at pretty much any time.


How about you?  Any race / faction change madness in your future?


One Response to “Cataclysm Faction and Race Changes”

  1. Nora November 10, 2010 at 17:53 #

    Well, Liadhan the druid will become Shinorrah the druid in fairly short order. In fact, I’ve already started writing the in character story for exactly how and why this happens, and will develop it out over the next month. (Also, we’re placing bets on how many versions of Nora I will come up with before all is said and done!)

    Skye the shaman will stay Skye the shaman, just trading in those draenei horns for a couple dwarven mugs. Haven’t decided if she will stay elemental or try enhance though – dwarves *do* lend themselves to enhance, but spinning braids while tossing lightning bolts around is pretty compelling as well.

    My other toons are likely to go back to full-time alt/profession producer status. Angharrad I’ll pop in on from time to time, but ICly her story pretty much ends with defeating the Lich King and returning home to Thelsamar. The lass has worked hard this expansion, and has a well-deserved rest ahead of her I think. I’m making Noramage an engineer so she can farm ore and elementals for me, while still letting me RP and converse in character with the guild as Nora. I’ll also have a hunter gatherer, probably an alternate version of Skye to collect skins and herbs. And that’s my stable for Cataclysm – I’m just too darned busy IRL to keep up with so many toons, so I’m severely downsizing to one active main (druid), one active raid-geared alt (shaman), and then two support toons to gather mats but not raid. Everyone else is going into storage to produce crafting items when I need and feed them raw materials, but otherwise not get a lot of play.

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