Tripping the Rifts – How to Get it Quickly

3 Nov

Try this:

1. Head to Zangarmarsh, just NE of Cenarian Refuge.  Water Elementals spawn here.  Once they’re downed mount up and fly to Hellfire.

2. Just as you pass from Zanga into Hellfire you’ll probably notice the fire elementals fighting with the ravagers.  Knock these guys out and move on to Nagrand.

3. If time is on your side you should get into Nagrand just in time to see Nessingwary and his boys fighting with a pack of angry earth elementals.  There are other earth spawn points in Nagrand should the Nessingwary Camp be empty.  Just head across the zone toward Oshu’gun.

4. Get thee to Dalaran.   Fly down into into Crystalsong forrest. Near the Unbound Thicket, Wind Elementals should be raising hell.  Yeah – screw Crystalsong – I’m finding that the air elementals just aren’t spawning there often enough.  If you need Air and you want to stay in Northrend, head to Sholazar Basin.  There are at least 3 spawn points.  I tend to hang out over by Frenzyheart Village.  The spawn point is over by the wasps.  If you’d prefer to stay in Outlands fly to Area 52 and do some slow laps around town.  Air spawns here as well.

I’ve managed the achievement on two characters so far with minimal fuss using this pattern.  Sticking to Outland helps ensure that on heavily populated servers (or PvP servers) you actually get a chance to kill some elementals before the rift closes or someone decides to gank you.

Good Luck!


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