The Prevailing High Pressure Front of Weird

13 Oct

Like everyone else I logged into almost all of my characters and took each for a quick test drive.  My initial thoughts…


  1. Focus is good.  It’s weird but good.  I am going to like it.
  2. BM is a *blast* – I never thought I’d say that.
  3. The hunter talent trees are equal parts amazing and worthless and sometimes it’s really hard to decide which is which.
  4. I have dual talent spec – but haven’t yet selected talents for my off-spec.
  5. Glyph prices are stunningly high – fortune favors those with a scribe – or at least those that remembered to buy gems and glyphs pre-patch.
  6. I need a new tanking pet – one that can hold some group aggro.

Strangely enough a lot of the people that I have known to be long time BM hunters don’t like how the new BM hunter plays.  I heard several thrashing about and wailing last night as they tried to get a handle on pet changes, their focus bar and the prevailing sense of weird that seems to be affecting everyone’s favorite characters.  For myself; I love the fact that there’s more to do.  Having a hot button (focus fire) other than “kill shot” to watch for is entertaining – though I find that my pet has already killed things before I get a chance to fire said kill shot.  One hunter I know said that the new spec feels too “busy”.  Which is funny as I’ve always found BM to be a bit of a bore to play.  We’ll see how things hold up long term.  Tonight – I’ll solo Heroic Steamvaults and maybe try out a new marksman spec.

Paladin – (Protection)

  1. Wow…where’d all that health come from?
  2. (in combat) WTF – where’d all of it GO?
  3. I’m so squishy – so very squishy – I feel squishy (hums to the tune of “I’m so Pretty”)
  4. Damage feels…low…
  5. RAWR proc happy Avenger’s Shield!
  6. Oog…Consecrate – such a long cool down
  7. Farewell my lovely libram of constant +200 STR 😦
  8. My mana – it never goes away 🙂
  9. That hole in my rotation – it feels – weird

Yeah – the first thing I noticed after kludging together a prot spec for my Pally was that I had a fair bit more health.  Well over 40k self buffed – up from the high 30’s.  The next thing I noticed – after rolling into Heroic Magister’s Terrace solo was that that health starting falling precipitously when fighting packs of mobs I didn’t normally worry about.  After dying once to a pack of casters I decided to try again and to actually start trying to “unlearn” the old 969 rotation.  What I found (after a few false starts) was that things are actually easier.  Not once did I run out of mana (a problem for protection pallies when fighting casters) and after I remembered to keep an eye on my holy power I could (when the damage started getting to be too much) throw out an instant Word of Glory for a quick 6-12k heal.  Invariably I found that I was ending fights at full health and at full mana.  Even Kael’thelas who tends to run me dry on mana in old prot-pally form was a bit of joke to this new paladin.  All of this said and done, I still hate what they’ve done to librams.  I loved the near constant uptime of +200 STR that my old libram gave me.  This new stat stick that sits in its place is less than welcome.  We’ll see.  Next step – tanking something in a group.

Druid – (Feral)

  1. Not sure…my connection got so bad last night and my frame rates so low – I stopped messing around.  Will have to try this tonight.

I would have loved to have spent the day mucking about with things – but unfortunately – work calls and I have to answer.

Or starve.  Good luck to the rest of  you.  I hope the prevailing winds of weird have been kind to you.


One Response to “The Prevailing High Pressure Front of Weird”

  1. Nora October 13, 2010 at 16:41 #

    I’m interested to try tanking on both druid and Angh to see how things go. It will definitely involve new rotations for each – lack of swipespam on the former, and holy power mechanic on the latter.

    Looking forward to your updates on other instances turn out! You’re braver than I by far….

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