Bending the Bow

12 Oct

In respect to the changes that Cataclysm is bringing the game I have decided to reforge my main character.

“Douchebag – you mean you reforged her gear.”

No, no – I reforged my character.  The whole thing.  And she’s now a he.  How’s that for a first?

For those that know her and care – Rainchaser has passed on.  My beloved Tauren huntress who started down the Wrath Road with me back in Afghanistan and who has been as much as a main as I’ve ever had for the past two years, is gone.

Some of this is in no small part due to the fact that my youngest son deleted her while trying to free up another character slot.  Blizzard was able to fix this (in record time) – but upon bringing her back from /dev/null I decided that it was time to put her behind me.

Sort of.

Rainchaser lost viability for me from an RP perspective the first time I faction changed her.  Subsequent changes down the road to take part in organized pvp or to get to raid have only diluted the essence that she started with until her character became little more than a coat rack to hang epic gear off of.

In fact – *all* of my characters rather feel this way.  Like bits of disposable, detachable baggage with achievements attached.

My affair with tanking over the past couple months is starting to feel played out and my in game bank account is rather tired of shelling out cash to retrofit amazing gear onto my latest favored ALT.  In light of this, my other 80’s have been relegated to money making status for the most part.  My shaman transmuting gems, my warrior shoveling enchants.  They’re working hard to try to fill up the chunks that my druid and paladin have eaten out of my pre-Cataclysm mountain of gold.

Which leaves me standing in the woods with this “new” character that isn’t Rain’ – bending a bow that looks a lot like hers and wearing gear and achievements that she – in her myriad of forms – has worn over the past two years.  No guild tag, no raid schedule, no arena team and no seeming desire to find one.

::scratches Windpaws behind the ears::

C’mon boy, lets go hunting….


3 Responses to “Bending the Bow”

  1. repgrind October 12, 2010 at 20:30 #

    Wow. I’m kinda in shock. I almost felt like I knew Rain from your posts.

  2. Windpaw October 12, 2010 at 21:26 #

    I know what you mean – the past (year) has pretty much been me losing touch with that persona. It’s kinda like she started losing her voice after the first faction change and never really got it back. I think what I’m trying to do now is get that back.


  3. Nora October 13, 2010 at 16:38 #

    Finding a voice can be hard – and can really make or break a character. I know in my case, the mechanics that I really feel like I know best and most intuitively have always been elemental shaman, followed by protection paladin. I *love* being a shaman. However – no matter how hard I tried, nor how much creative writing I did on backstory, I just could not ever get a good RP feel for a draenei. Other people RP them very well, but for me I just…always felt like an accent in search of a personality. I actually abandoned my shaman as a main character because of it – even though I was geared to the teeth and kicking butt on DPS. No voice, no sense in playing for me.

    Happily, I’ve always found it easy to RP both Nora and Angh, neither of which have grown stale. This is probably why even if I switch classes in Cata, I’ll just maintain those personalities.

    I can’t wait to see where Tam’s journeys lead him! Should make for an interesting trip.

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