To My Cloth Wearing Friends

1 Oct

If you are a caster and you ever wanted to feel overwhelmingly OVERPOWERED – I heartily recommend that you download the Test Realm Client, copy a pre-made 80 full of epics over to the test server of your choice and run a few games of Warsong Gulch.

You guys are terrifying – seriously.

My premade protection warrior in full relentless PvP gear with over 35k health and over 1000 resilience was getting torched by mages, warlocks and shadow priests in a matter of seconds.  They killed me so fast that my scrolling combat text couldn’t catch up to all the damage being done.  And mobility?  Mages are nightmares.  Demo Warlock pets now heroic leap (or something) into you and start bladestorming.  If the ‘lock manages to dot  you and fear you – you’re dead long before the fear wears off.  Shadow Priests have this new creepy ability that sends scads of RP walking simulacrums out in front of them to disorient and confuse you…all the while they’re waiting in the bushes happily nuking the crap out of horrified melee characters.

Hunter’s and Elemental Shaman are scary – but in my estimation not as scary as the guys from the cloth brigade.  I can get few shots in on a hunter, before they disengage and fire off deterrence.  I can spell reflect a shammies long cast time lava blasts and put my shield in their teeth.  Against both I can survive and fight back.  But all of this is for naught when one of you dress wearing marauders points your fire/frost/black-shadowy-death bolts at me and unleashes.

I fall over.

Then I cry some.

I’ll head back in and practice some more with this, but for the moment, zoning in to the battlegrounds and seeing the opposing team a virtual wall of clothies makes me want to /afk more than anything else.  Between the lopsided damage and the 4.01 nerf to resilience things are feeling a little wonky in the PvP house.

But like I said – if you’re a clothy, don’t miss this opportunity to wreck face!  Ghostcrawler has acknowledged that damage is a little bit out of control for some and not for others, because the development team is trying to set things up for PvP at 85 vs. 80.  He’s talking about a pvp “debuff” of sorts to settle damage down a bit which makes sense unless you happen to play a class that is feeling particularly underpowered at the moment.

::Takes a moment to wave at Combat Rogues::

Either way – jump on the PTR and look around for a bit.  The changes inbound are neat – but also a little scary!  Plus – if you copy a premade over you can spend 20 minutes or so chortling at all the epic gear stuffed into your character’s bags.  Plus – there are Raven Lord Mounts for the asking!  It’s kinda like Christmas and your birthday all at once.

Particularly if you’re a clothy caster!

Now…if you’ll pardon me.  I need to find some bactine for these burns….


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