Revisionist History

29 Sep

The theme for the week, or so it seems, is bashing Wrath of the Lich King.  The tropes are common:

  1. Gear is too easy to get.
  2. Making dungeons too easy to clear.
  3. Making people lazy and entitled.
  4. and entitled and lazy.
  5. Perpetuating the false need for tools like Gear Score.
  6. Creating a new breed of scrub that arranges gear specifically to plump Gear Score.
  7. Trolls breeding at an unbelievable and unsustainable rate.
  8. Did I hear [Thunderfury] ?
  9. Probably not – I couldn’t hear a thing over the sound of the [Ferocious Butt] [Pounding] coming from Trade.
  10. These Mudkipz…I hear (::sound of truck slamming into Windpaw::)

All of these points are well known, tediously documented throughout the WoW blogosphere and each has their own supporters and detractors and various/sundry useful and non-useful data to support each.


But how much of it is true?

Were Wrath Heroics too easy?  I certainly remember Tribunal of Ages being a nightmare on my prot warrior the first time I tried it.  It’s facerollable now in T9-T10 of course, but then that’s all iLevel 232-251 gear (and 2 years worth of playing experience) being brought to bear on an instance meant for players geared out in a mix of ilevel 187 and 200 blues.

How much of what was hard about Wrath *really* hard – and how much of this is players looking back not at their first 80, but at their 3rd or 4th Alt running through the same content?  How much have we convinced ourselves that content was too easy when in reality it was tuned just fine for gear appropriate players?  What was your first BC heroic like compared to your first Wrath Heroic?

Are there any scars you can show us?


2 Responses to “Revisionist History”

  1. Faeldray September 30, 2010 at 18:03 #

    Am I the only one that remembers heading into heroic Azjol-Nerub wearing only quest and dungeon blues and wiping repeatedly on the packs of trash before the first boss? Easy, my arse. I bet if you had a group of 5 fresh 80s every time you went in there, people would not complain about heroics being easy.

    I think we forget that our mains are overgeared and even if we bring alts into there, the people we are running with are overgeared and compensate for our quest blues and greens.

  2. Windpaw October 1, 2010 at 04:57 #

    I keenly remember the 20k shadow bolt crits from the casters mobs in Old Kingdom tearing my tank up back then. Hell – those things still hurt. Particularly when the DPS can’t be bothered to focus them.

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