An Embarrassment of Treasures

27 Sep

I’ve often wondered if the characters we create in WoW are brought into their digital world with some having a little more luck than others.  Think about the people you know in real life.  Isn’t there always one of them that just seems to be touched by the Lady when it comes to random acts of luck?  Always healthy, always stumbling into great paying jobs or free concert tickets or any of a number of enviable and unexpected little flashes of fortune.

Well, my WoW characters have always seemed to inherit “my” kind of luck.  Which is to say the good kind.  By good – I mean “important.”  My loved ones are healthy, I have work when many don’t, I dodge bullets well and to date, no coke machines have fallen on me.  But random luck?  Lottery tickets or slot machines or the Real Life RNG?


It just doesn’t happen for me.

Well – I’ve noticed something rather odd.  My paladin – once dwarven, now a blood elf, seems to have been touched by Fortuna after his faction change rebirth.  While I’ve noticed he’s had rather better loot luck than most of my characters, I never paid it much attention. After all, gear comes and gear goes.  But as Brewfest has progressed, my Pally quite specifically seems to have stumbled into a fresh batch of good luck when it comes to Direbrew drops.

Three days ago my lucky Pally found a Swift Brewfest Ram in his loot keg.  I was of course thrilled – and confused – as this marked the second Ram I’d won since Brewfest kicked off – (Rainchaser nabbed the other.)  On Sunday, I jumped into the queue for Direbrew again before heading out to buy groceries.  The fight was typical (fast) and I didn’t bother to check my little loot keg until later in the evening.

When I finally remembered it, imagine my surprise when sitting inside were two Frost Badges and a Great Brewfest Kodo.

For the moment, Kel’ my paladin is simply enjoying his unexpected windfalls.  But the pessimist in me just has to wonder….

Is this some kind of developer pre-apology to Paladins for the nerfing they’re gonna get in Cataclysm?

Have I just used up all of my RNG luck for the year with these Brewfest mounts?

Are Blood Elves just luckier?

The mind boggles….


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