Camo Nerfed

21 Sep

Raise your hand if you’re surprised…

Yeah – me either.  Hunters logging onto the beta realm were met warmly by the nerf bat as of the latest patch.  Beastmaster hunters wept openly at the ravaging of Kill Command’s damage coefficients and all hunters who had Camouflage filled dreams of being the next Predator have been left with a  hollow shell of a talent that seems to look neat, but has had all of the badassery ripped out its neck and replaced with something vile.

Get to the Choppah….

While the nerf to camo alone isn’t going to make us an unviable LOL-Class, hunters, particularly pvp hunters are justifiably annoyed.   Where Camouflage gave us some protection while we slunk about in our sunlight on rippling water coat of awesome, things have changed.  Now we can be flushed from our pseudo stealth via AoE and Melee.  This is particularly brutal since unlike rogues and feral druids who are truly hidden via stealth, a hunter under the effects of Camouflage are visible if perhaps obscured somewhat.  To counter a predator wanna-be hunter now simply requires a /lol and a bit of casual AoE.   So we’re left with what?  A cool visual effect?  Best I can tell that’s it.  For PvP players that were cheering perhaps one of the most useful tools to be gifted to the hunter class in some time, the ability has for all intents and purposes been reduced to the sad excuse for a level 85 talent that our PvE brethren originally believed it to be.

If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It…

Hunters of course will bleed.  As our burgeoning awesomeness continues to be pummeled, it becomes easier to understand why some of our other talents are shaping up the way they currently are.  With Aspect of the Fox (which I figure is the one aspect I’ll live in while PvPing) my focus regens when people are hitting me and I can shoot steady shot and cobra shot while running away.  The key strategy I foresee for PvP hunters consists of much running away in fact.   Which is fine.  After all when you hear the word “kite” you almost always think of hunters.  Yet  after all of this time PvPing in WotLK and having to work so hard to keep away from the melee classes in order to stay alive, things don’t feel as balanced as I’d like.  At first I chalked this up to me just not being the best at PvP huntery.  Which is subjective of course.  To some – I’m damn good.  To others – I’m meat.  But after spending the past month or so PvPing with a melee class again I can say this.  Hunters are the one class that I have no fear of whatsoever.  On my protection warrior or prot-ret paladin I simply soak the damage and destroy the hunter.  Even on that Prot-Ret Pally which has all of one useful stun and one ranged slow (both on long cooldowns) – I have zero problems closing gaps on the average hunters I meet in battlegrounds.  Once I’ve got them close I can usually kill them before they remember to deterrence or laugh as they disengage up a hill and go pretty much nowhere.  Sure – maybe I’m killing substandard hunters or maybe I just know the class well enough that I know instinctively how to counter their tricks.

(editor) Or maybe you’re playing a face-roll counter class you no-skill keymasher!

Maybe.  Regardless, hunter pvp has never felt as satisfying as melee pvp and to me, there’s something wrong with that.

Still, running about smashing other hunters can be useful.  Time spent in the iron shod boots of the enemy is a great way to learn how to fight them.  But to my thinking – and perhaps to my temperament – as a hunter, it irks me to continuously have to run away just to be viable.  Not just strike and fade and strike and fade, which is how a smart hunter should fight, but the ragged, desperate scrabble away from melee classes, barely daring to stop and plink at them out of fear that a death grip or an absurdly ranged stun brings you back  in range of their greedy blades.

I’m watching the situation and have hope that Cataclysm hunters are going to come back with a RAWR and own some face.  But we’ll see.  We’ll see.  Until then my huntery brethren – remember Rule #2 of Hunter PvP:



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