17 Sep


In time honored fashion, droves of folks with way more free time than I have went and downloaded the public test realm client and jumped into the mucky mess of 4.01 with both feet.

For the many tanks (furry, shield bashing, dead guys and lightbringers alike) the desire was to see what exactly the new patch was going to do to their priorities, their threat, and their survivability.  What was to come next for those early adopters was a heaping helping of old fashioned beat down at the hands of normal northrend mobs.

For many tanks that have been either questing in Icecrown or grinding their way through Argent Tournament dailies, an easy test of survivability is to jump smack into the middle of a swarm of Fallen Heroes and chew your way through them.  Even poorly geared tanks were normally able to do this with little effort.  Imagine the surprise of the test-tanks as they dove into the heroes and watched in horror as these level 78-79 normal mobs proceeded to take their 5500+ gearscore tanks apart at the seams.

In other corners of the PTR, tanks with ICC-25 level gear and health were jumping into regular heroics and finding that they not only couldn’t keep threat, but were getting jibbed by trash mobs!

Geist hits me over 7k damage, grabbed 3 of them and hoped we can aoe them down. I got one shot. – Said one Kingslayer Paladin.

My Paladin is getting ANNIHILATED in ilvl 200 content. I’m taking 5-7k shots from small mob packs of 3, what the hell? (She’s at around a 5900 GS)  – reported one.

I noticed a Druid having the exact same problem in H UK yesterday, even spam healing him with Flash of Light barely kept him alive and he had about 55k or so HP. – cried yet another.

Somewhere, the union that organizes trash mobs for heroics was laughing its ass off.

The answer to the catastrophic (cough) levels of damage being meted out had to do with damage values for most of northrend’s bad guys being pushed WAY up.  As the day progressed is became apparent that Blizzard could hear the thunderous QQ and they seem to have begun to adjust the numbers down somewhat.

Still, for many testers (DPS and Tank alike) walking into a forgettable heroic and getting wiped by trash sent a serious shockwave through an already skittish community.  For many, (cough:paladins:cough) the sky was truly falling.  Now as the dust settles and the trash-mob-cum-raid-bosses are being brought back inline, a lesson seems to have been learned amongst the players.  Cataclysm will bring change.  Perhaps not so dire as seen in the test realm yesterday, but change all the same.  Intolerant, GoGoGo DPS are going to die in droves.  Tanks are going to feel sweat bead up in their armpits when they approach tricky pulls again and everyone – everyone – has some relearning to do.

It sounds awesome.


5 Responses to “Teh Sky ITSA FALLING!”

  1. Shinorah September 17, 2010 at 16:06 #

    Welcome to my world?

    Tried tanking Stonecore yesterday with a guild group. Oy-yoy-yoy…You’ll never look at crystals the same way again!

  2. Shawndra September 17, 2010 at 16:24 #

    Looks like my days of grabbing a group of those Fallen Heroes on my priest and using Holy Nova to finish my daily in a hurry are numbered.

    This may be the fire I needed lit under me to get some of my harder achievements done before 4.01

  3. Capn John September 17, 2010 at 17:08 #

    The Dungeon Finder Tool made it easier to get PUGs and for people to experience content but also resulted in the “GoGoGo! AoE ’em!” Generation.

    Cata will apparently reverse that and create wipefests for any who attempt to Tank & AoE. This will result in an even greater shortage of Tanks in the DF queue.

    In summary…
    CC > QQ

  4. Kay September 17, 2010 at 18:00 #

    Intolerant, GoGoGo DPS are going to die in droves.

    And frazzled, mana-starved (and treeless, some of us) healers are going to be standing back and LETTING them die because just keeping the tank up through an ordinary heroic trash pull is going to be the sort of experience that gives us nightmares for months…

    Totally not going to be healing any dungeon group where I don’t know at least 3/5s personally, yikes!

  5. Windpaw September 17, 2010 at 18:58 #

    @ Shinorah – oooh – you’ll have to tell me more about that!

    @ Shawndra – my guess is we’ll be okay. This was sort of like a shot across the bow or something – “change inc! assume crash position!”

    @ Cap’n John – yeah amigo, that’s the 400lbs elephant in the room. Blizzard did a lot to make tanking more accessible (sorta) for WotLK – but did so in a way that allowed everyone else to get lazy. What’s going to be interesting is seeing how they ultimately tune things. I smell something cooking that has hints of BC era dungeons without the AoE fest of WotLK and without the gimped toolsets of Vanilla….I hope.

    @ Kay as well you should. I probably should have mentioned healers as well in this write up. There were several that said that if they stopped to do *anything* else while watching a 40k health tank – they’d lose the tank. The jibs were just coming too fast.

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