Why Are You Here?

14 Sep

World of Warcraft rocks four different kinds of servers.

  1. PvP – is for fite…
  2. PvE – is boring…er…is for progression?
  3. RP – is for weirdos with arpees
  4. RP-PvP – is for weirdos that like fite

Where do you live and why?

Are you an RP junky?  Or do you live for World PvP?  Does your choice of server say something about who you are or is it just where you happened to land because the game suggested it the first time you logged in?

RP-PvP has always been my favorite *kind* of server – but I ultimately tend to leave them as the player base molts from a true RP-PvP to a bunch of ass-hats ganking each other and crowing about it in the official forums.

If I could have a perfect server it would most likely be RP-PvP and preferably a Pacific Standard Time server due to my work schedule and raid availability.  But I’d want the naming conventions to be followed, the RP to be relaxed and without the usual pretension.  The PvP?  I’d like it to be missing all of the rectum-heads it seems to attract.

How about you?  Long for a realm type that doesn’t exist?  Or maybe you’d just like Blizzard to ensure that the one you live on lives up to the standards originally envisioned for it?  Why do you game on your server?


2 Responses to “Why Are You Here?”

  1. Shawndra September 14, 2010 at 16:20 #

    Ideally, I would like to be on a server that was Pacific time, without the ever present pvp flag over my head, in a guild that was on roughly the same schedule as I am.

    I’m on my east coast pvp server because that is where my guild landed on when we took off from SWG. I can’t just leave them there!

  2. ambient September 14, 2010 at 21:51 #

    Well, I’m on my server because my friends were there first, but I’m pretty happy on my RP server. First, I don’t enjoy world PvP. Second, while I don’t have the storytelling skills to RP, I enjoy the color it brings to the world (and/or massive entertainment if you’re listening to really bad /says). I kind of think the biggest reason might be naming conventions, though — for some reason idiotic character names really irritate me! Your character is a humanoid, their parents would not have chosen the name Gankulolz, Leetpally, or Xxballerxx!! I relished the Report Name function back when our guild was social only/open invites and some idiot invited their friend Slutnutz. >.<

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