7 Sep

There you are, at the top of your game.  Respected, comfortable, enough money in your pocket to buy what you want.  You’ve worked hard and you’re looking forward to the benefits reaped by those that are willing to work hard, who can maintain focus.

Then it hits.  Your favorite character, un-played.  All of your achievement points.  Dust.  All of your titles.  Meaningless.  You wonder what happened.  You did what everyone told you to do.  You focused.  You achieved.  Yet there you are, standing on some windswept mesa in Mulgore on a level 5 alt festooned with heirlooms wondering where the road is going to take you next.

Ah yes.  The old wanderlust.  The altitis.  The lingering legacy of 5 years of not being able to stick with one character for very long.

Rainchaser was my longest love affair.  Yet she’s  hanging out in Ironforge these days.  She’s a NELF again…and…I just can’t stand to look at her anymore.  All that work.  Loremaster.  Seeker.  Over 6k achievement points a 310% mount and all for what?  So that she can sit around drinking beer with the dwarves.

My raiding days (such as they were) are over in Wrath of the Lich King.  Insert work excuse – insert real life excuse – insert reality as it tends to rear itself in fierce opposition to the things you want to do in game.  So it goes.  While I won’t be picking up my King Slayer title, plenty of good folks that I know, have.  My Alliance guild was the first strict 10 guild on the server to down him and for that, they should be proud.  The raid team that did it moved on a few weeks back and started up a completely new strict-10 guild.  They’re off chasing heroic achievements and Ruby Sanctum stuff.  Heck, even my guild’s B-Team has reconfigured itself after the separation and as of Monday night this week, they’re doing the 3-step with Lich-King Frozen-Pants too.  I give them a week or three of working on it before they down him as well.

But me?  It’s wanderlost time again.  My main is wallowing in a state of night elf denial and my alts are a cluttered mess of indecision and apathy.  Unable to raid due to scheduling conflicts on a CST server, so much of my game time has been spent in a rather discontented in between state.  I managed to get my very first (serious) WoW Character (Sequoia – now “Growl”, my druid) up to 80 *finally*.   He’s geared well enough for ICC but spends his time farming Cenarion Rep and killing Anzu…and Kael’ and High Priest Thekkal.  Yet I noticed a couple nights back that after picking up his first ICC-25 run and buying his first pieces of frost emblem gear, I find that I kinda want to set him aside too.


Each night, after my rep runs are done and once each old world boss has failed to give up the rare mount I repeatedly kill them for, I tend to wave goodnight at my guildies and wander back to the Horde side of the server and log into my baby Paladin.  He’s 76 now and rocking dual protection spec.  Regular Prot for leveling through the dungeon finder and Protribution for cleaving skulls in battlegrounds.  It never ceases to entertain.

Yet there’s a part of me that wonders; what happens when I get him to 80?  What happens when he puts on that last piece of gladiator’s gear?  Do I put him aside too?  Do I wander off to another alt or pull some neglected main out of retirement?

Or do I finally move on to a different game?

Hard to say.

Things I know:

  1. Starting a new ALT before Cataclysm seems…dumb
  2. All classes are going to change in Cataclysm
  3. Now is not a time for rash decisions

So – I maintain the current state of discontent.  I watch my friends raid.  I cleave skulls.  I kill Anzu again and again and again….

And I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

::windpaw note::

Headed off to do Army stuff for a few days.  Catch you all when I get back!


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