Druid Solo Adventures

30 Aug

I tend to gravitate to classes that have very strong soloing ability.  Druids, Protection Warriors, Hunters.  I do this for two reasons:

  1. I like to be resilient
  2. I hate people

Okay – maybe a little less of #2 – but for now – work with me.

Thanks to a busy schedule packed with civilian work, commute, military, kids, spouse, plotting to take over the world, and all the sundry tasks that come along with each, I tend to find myself alone in game more often than not.  This aloneness, this solo-osity of my nature means that I miss out on things like guild raid times, heroics farming and all the fun and essential what-not that are part of being in a social game.

This weekend was no different.  With my druid starting to gear out fairly nicely, I decided to spend Sunday evening taking a tour of some of the more popular content from Burning Crusade and Vanilla WoW.  The objective?  To see what I could effectively solo.  To see how easy it was and of course, to get fat lewt.

In one night I rolled through the following on my druid:

  1. Daily “Kill the Raven Lord” in Heroic Sethekk Halls – ( no Reins of the Raven Lord … again )
  2. Killed Talon King Ikiss out of sheer spite….
  3. Cleared Zul’Gurub – damn near all of it.  Hakkar included.  I remember wiping in this place with 20 other people.  Now, my bear rolls up in the place and the bosses just line up to hand me their loot.  Hardest fight was the “bat boss” or High Priestess Jeklik.  Between her bat riders dropping bombs on you and her constant stream of heals and mind flays, you have to keep your head.  The trick is to know how much damage you can deal out before she starts to heal.  Once she starts you have to back off a bit and feral charge her to interrupt it.  I missed the first few of these and it prolongs things considerably.  The Tiger and Raptor bosses tend to be the most farmed in ZG as they both drop rare land mounts.  Hakkar, the supreme big baddy is a push over.  He has a ton of health, but hits like a wuss.  I haven’t tried Jindo yet – he was a bastard back in the day and I’m not sure if it’s possible to solo him now.
  4. Did my Burning Crusade Daily Heroic in Heroic Steamvaults.  I’m working toward the Guardian of Cenarius title and a great way to get Cenarion Expedition rep is to clear the old heroics.  Finished off the kill quest and cleared the instance.  Zero sweat.
  5. Rolled by Heroic Magister’s Terrace to say hello to Kael’thas.  This one is tough.  H. MT was a meaty heroic back in the day and remains so even now.  There are some great drops in H. MT, but most folks go there to farm Kael’ for the Swift White Hawkstrider.  The boss fights in H. MT start getting touch and go the farther in you get.  By the time you hit Priestess Delrissa, even well geared druids can get into trouble.  The fight with Kael’thas is the real gear check.  If you don’t get him to 50% of his health in around 60 seconds, he’ll show you his pyroblast.  Trust me, he can one-shot a modern carrier battlegroup with that thing – don’t get caught in it.  The way to avoid getting nuked is to do enough DPS to Kael’ that you push the fight from phase I to phase II before he ever gets a chance to nuke you.  Several druids (including myself) have to start the fight in cat form in order to do enough overall damage to get this to work.  Once he starts throwing you around up in the air, the fight is pretty much over.

What’s great is that for most of these fights, any reasonably geared level 80 druid can do the same things.  With the exception of Heroic Magister’s Terrace, a great deal of world content can be soloed by a druid in heroic gear or less.  While things tend to be easiest in bear gear, simply bring along some basic knowledge of the fights and a good understanding of your own cooldowns and abilities.  You will be successful.

For you achievement junkies, if you’re wanting to knock out things like 40 Exalted Reputations or any of the dungeon master achievements, why not plan your own night of Solo-extravaganza?  Not only will soloing the content make the grind more entertaining, you can also get a chance to score things like an ultra rare pet or mount!  For folks wanting to give back to their guild, offer to take others along on some of your daily mount farming jaunts.  They’ll appreciate the offer and there’s nothing quite like giving a guildy a shot at something as cool as their own Raven Lord Mount!

For some of the very best druid soloing tips to be found anywhere – head over to Feral Aggression and check out Rarren’s “Pimp Your Druid” series.  He has detailed guides that will show  you how to solo your way to some of the neatest mounts / gear in the game!


3 Responses to “Druid Solo Adventures”

  1. Lara August 30, 2010 at 17:15 #

    Perhaps amusingly, Hakkar is easier solo than with two, because he does a mind control if there’s more than one of you. Let’s just say that a well-geared mind-controlled Death Knight wielding Shadowmourne can really do a number on your health. >.>

    As you said about Kael’thas, you’ll be okay as long as you get him below 50% within the first 60 seconds of the fight. It’s annoying, but not especially difficult, to kill him during the Gravity Lapse phase—in fact, when Vidyala and I went in there at level 68, we wound up doing just that, because everyone else had died to the phoenix. 🙂 (I’ll grant you, it was a lot harder at 68 than it would be at 80)

  2. Windpaw August 31, 2010 at 04:13 #

    I’ve found that to get him to 50% I just about have to go in as kitty and burn-burn-burn him as fast as I can. Problem is, the phoenix is often still up when he goes into anti-gravity mode. I’ve been nuked by the fiery bird before while trying to heal up and dodge doom-balls. If I can get back on the ground I can kill the bird – heal up and then wait for the next go around to finish Kael off. He’s a right PITA no matter the level.

  3. Capn Troll August 31, 2010 at 04:23 #

    I remember soloing RFK’s quessts, including killing the Crone, on my Druid. I think I was level 30 or 31 at the time so I was able to Stealth through most of the Instance, but soloing the Crone was an insanely fun fight. Trying to manage DPS, Heals, & Tank (for damage reduction while Mana regen’d) was just crazy. I finished the fight with less than 100hp, and I only prevailed because I got off my Wrath spell before her Chain Lightning, but man it was close. I’ve always loved trying to do things like this, pushing the envelope, to see what my characters are capable of. Also, this was pre-Lick King, so my Druid was not decked out in Heirloom gear.

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