In My Day

27 Aug

Quick thought for Friday.

When you get to the point in a game or a career where you find y ourself constantly thinking about how things “used to be” or lamenting how things have “changed for the worst” is it time to do yourself a favor – and just do something else?

So much of the WOW-blogosphere, twitter, and Trade are filled with old timers and wanna be old timers complaining about how the game isn’t what it used to be or how it’s gotten dumbed down until it’s a pointless exercise in grinding.  The other half are raging because a favorite skill or ability has changed or removed from the game (farewell volley) or because the beta (beta mind you) has their favorite class in a bit of a pear shape.

Most of that complaining is just noise of course.  But you have to wonder at the volume sometimes.  It’s just a game.  If I have to “remember when” I remember how bad playing a 1.0 feral druid used to be.  How my rogue buddy used to hand my furry ass to me in duels and how it seemed like I could never actually kill anything in pvp.

Things aren’t so bad.  It’s just a game and if  you’re not having fun, FFS go away and let the rest of us have some!


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