Monday Morning List

23 Aug


It’s Monday morning.  I’m tired.  I’m annoyed to find myself at work.  I had planned on a post about my top ten memorable pug moments from the weekend.  Too tired.

So – /raidwarning – inc List!

Because functional thought will not return until sometime after 11:30 CST – I will forgo trying to be witty, informative, funny or fitting….(not that it ever happens around here much – but at least today I’m honest about it!)

Drink deep of summarized pug experience…..

  1. Bear Tanking Heroics while wearing an iLevel 187 staff kinda sucks.
  2. Realizing it’s not so much the staff as it is the fact you didn’t buy your level 80 feral talents sucks more….
  3. Fear zoning into Heroic Pit of Saron runs that are “Already in Progress.”
  4. Trying to find people willing to run regular 5-man TOC consists of nothing but tanks all trying to get The Black Heart.
  5. Smart Death Knights are a true pleasure to group with.  They make difficult pulls (like those in Pit of Saron and Forge of Souls) absolutely trouble free.
  6. Please do not Typhoon my neatly grouped pile of caster mobs away from me.  Too much /flail is involved in getting them back.
  7. The Loot Karma is not with me.  0-20 in useful loot drops over the weekend.
  8. Said Loot Karma did not kick in when I killed Anzu this weekend either.
  9. Six more days until my Ravasaur grows up.
  10. Druids still rock.

There we go – that’s enough of that.  Time to find some caffine and big dose of motivation.


One Response to “Monday Morning List”

  1. Lal August 24, 2010 at 14:24 #

    This is awesome! =D

    I just started teaching my druid how to heal – and as my first random I got Pit and second I got Halls of Reflection. Gah! Pugs can be scary. And mean. But good tanks sure are a joy to work with.

    Also, druids do rock.

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