Fail Bear Tank?

20 Aug

So…I’ve noticed *tons* of the folks that are hitting my blog are finding their way here via the search string “fail bear tank.”

Ouch! Mr. Bear is going to crawl back in his cave and nurse on a good leg bone for a while.

Is teh swipes not gud enuf?  Iz mah demo-rawr not demo enuf?  I iz big and mean and has thorns!  Why iz fail?

So – what gives?  Are folks having troubles with bear tanks in the dungeon finder – or are there a lot of new bear tanks that are feeling serious pain learning the tanking game?


Have they found me out 0_0 ?


2 Responses to “Fail Bear Tank?”

  1. Nora August 20, 2010 at 19:26 #

    Well, I’d guess it is probably because you joke so much about being a Fail Bear Tank. 🙂

    As far as how folks search for that and find it here – you’ll have to tell me how you can look that info up!

    On fail bear tanks – I expect most people doing a search are more looking for their own learning, not to mock other fail bear tanks. Those kinds seem more keen on telling you in the raid how much of a fail tank you are. (LOVE those people, I really do… Grrr. Too bad bear tanks can’t eat them. It’s not nice to taunt the bear.)

    There aren’t a huge amount of bear tank blogs out there anymore, that I’m aware of at least. The most famous, BBB, isn’t really – even about bear tanking at all anymore (though I keep hoping). So maybe that’s a void in the larger WoW community?

  2. Windpaw August 20, 2010 at 19:34 #

    Mr. Bear iz offended – iz not fail bear – iz gud bear. Never used spell power leather or nuthin…

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