Wait…What? I Don’t Even….

18 Aug

Yeah – I know I said I quit.  Well frak that – I’m no quitter.  Yeah, yeah I changed my mind, so sue me….(please don’t).

For those of you that commented over the past couple of days.  Thanks.  For those of you that have e-mailed me directly – thanks even more.  I’ve had a lot of good advice from several of you and for once in my life I’m actually going to take the good advice instead of doing what I normally do.

‘Paw – what is it that you normally do?

Why that’s easy son, I put on my viking helmet.

The one with the propeller on top?

That very one!

Then what do you do, ‘Paw?

Why I go straight into /FLAIL mode of course!

Yeah  – so no /flail this time.  My “gotta go” post is the last flailing thou shalt see.  Though I must admit that I am wearing my viking helmet.  Yes, my desk fan is making the propeller go round right-a-round.  Seriously – what’s the point of a propeller anyway if you don’t make it spin?

You’re flailing ‘Paw….

Maybe so – but I’m having fun.  Which is something I think that I’ve been leaving behind both in game and in this blog.  That said.  Expect 45% more fun here and 50% less bitching and moaning about current content.  I’ll leave the bitching and moaning about things to the professionals out there.

What’s the other 5% gonna be ‘Paw?

Why recipes for gnome in all of its various pan-fried, baked, boiled and stewed forms of course!

Okay – back to work for this dog.  I’m turning comments off for this post though.  I don’t deserve any.  Quitters (even temporary ones) shouldn’t get comments.  Time to start earning them.

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