Back in the Saddle

26 Jul

For those of you that might not have noticed:

Two of my favorite WoW Bloggers are back at it again (at least in some fashion.)

Pike – who had been blogging almost exclusively on her great new site : Clockwork Hare is back to updating her WoW Blog:  Aspect of the Hare again!

Make sure to swing by and visit if you haven’t lately!

Also – BRK over at Big Red Kitty, the Blood Colored Lion of Mountain Size himself is back!  He’s blogging about the beta (::bastard::) and shilling druid t-shirts.  For the most part his entries have been high energy video clips of huntery stuff from beta land.  They are sure to entertain so if you haven’t been by the BRK in a real long while – you really, really should….foshizzle.

editor’s note – Windpaw will never use foshizzle again – that’s a one time deal….


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