20 Jul

I love this addon: Achievement Screenshotter

It does exactly what it says – captures your various in game glory moments from level ups to achievements to battleground scoreboards.  It’s not perfect – and from time to time it will just inexplicably fail to do anything – but when it *does* work – it can save some really nice moments for you.

My big problem is forgetting to hit my screenshot button when on the verge of a really important achievement or when I’m still mixed up in staying alive or in the throws of a first time raid kill.  Screen shotter grabs these for  you (though the results can be varied).  Things like lag or bad UI will still junk up your screen shots, but at least you won’t miss it the next time something important happens and you’re too busy to remember to polaroid the moment.

With a little bit of pre-planning you can close down inventory windows, remove distractions and capture some fairly neat achievement dings.  Here’s my blood elf hunter, Tam (one of Rain’s many incarnations) finally putting down the What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been meta achievement.

The day I officially decided to start down the road to Loremaster.  You’ll notice that Rain’ looks very “Orcish” at this point.  Some people can’t keep the same hairstyle for longer than a couple of days.  I can’t seem to settle on a faction.

Screenshotter is configurable – so if you don’t want it snapping pics every time you rep-ding you can turn that off.  This is nice as my kids like to create new characters just about every week.  Invariably my screenshot folder starts filling up with glory shots of their latest alts dinging level 2-6 and picking up their account bound pets.  A great addon either way though and well worth the occasional need to prune through the screenshots.


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