And Then There Were None…Finishing Loremaster

19 Jul

It finally happened.  With the heavy lifting of Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor out of the way, the final obstacle on the road to Loremaster was Outland.  Questing in Outland is – in two words – dead easy, and all of the zones fell by the wayside like sheafs of wheat to the scythe.

I’d rather have liked to have ended my travels by turning in an epic chain quest or some such – but in the end – it was poor Terokkarantula that had to fall before my tour of old world content was finally complete.  There was at least a funny story to share as upon finding the big spider herself, herself, I also came  upon a Tauren druid and her apparently fallen death knight companion.  Terokkarantula loomed above them both like Shelob to Frodo and Sam.  It dawned on my quest soaked brain that these two were actually partaking in a bit of Role Play and I decided to leave them to it.  Nothing destroys immersion like some random achievement whore rolling in and killing one of the props.  So I logged out for a while and did some PvP on my Horde Shaman.  A hour later, my blood lust sated and my daily arena points collected, I zoned back in to Terokkar, hoping that the pair of RP’ers had drank deeply of denouement and moved on.

Not so much.

There – in bear form – the stolid druid rested like a great furry guardian over the death knight’s still body.  I blinked.  Wow.  What I wouldn’t give to have had an ear for their In Character chat.  Was the loyal bear partaking in an extended soliloquy about her fallen friend?  Had Terokkantula bitten him?  Was the Tauren druidess trying to bargain with the great spider for a thimble full of venom in order to reverse the poison in her companion’s icy veins?  Or better yet – was she using some combination of druidic magic and natural power to perhaps reverse the nature of the death knight’s cursed form?

The more fertile parts of my imagination simply roiled at the possibilities.

“They’re probably ERPing,” quoth a helpful guild mate in /whisper chat.

Or AFK.  Or…something.  I put the thought of furry on blood elf death knight on giant spider erotic role-play out of my mind (with some effort…gah….) and logged over to my auctioneer to do a bit of moneymaking.  After about 200 gold earned and some busy work around the house I finally came back to Rain’ and Windpaw.  Was I alone with the big spider yet?

I was not.

Whatever was going on there on Terokkarantula’s ledge was both long lasting and apparently intense.  The bear was still there – her fallen charge still fallen.  Neither were AFK.  I thought of RP ways I might insert myself into their play but finally decided that enough was enough and smoked the big bug with a few well placed chimera shots.

Moments later I turned that final quest in and proudly enabled my new title.  Crusader no more, Loremaster Rainchaser now walks the lands of Azeroth!

To avoid the post achievement slump, I hearthed to Dalaran and immediately started working my way through chunks of left over quests in Northrend.  For most, the Seeker title is found as a byproduct of completing Loremaster.  For Rainchaser, the act of faction change has left her about 195 quests short of 3000, but with gobs of uncompleted work left in the Alliance zones.  I managed to chug through about 60 of that number on Sunday before I couldn’t stand the thought of questing anymore.

Either way – two huge parts of my (in game) New Year’s Resolution will be complete and leaving me with one huge question.

What next?


2 Responses to “And Then There Were None…Finishing Loremaster”

  1. Jaedia July 20, 2010 at 16:02 #

    Ha, would love to know their characters’ reactions to a Hunter coming forth and one shotting the spideryness of their looong RP session. Congrats on Loremaster!

  2. Negathle July 21, 2010 at 21:06 #

    Grats, you! (Even if you are in NE form 😛 )

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