Huntering the PvP Plains – Crawl Phase

8 Jul

So in between all of this Loremaster / Seeker business that I’ve been trudging through has been some planning for (what I hope to be) a much improved situation for battleground PvP in Cataclysm.  BG PvP has historically been one of my favorite things to do in the game, but with all of the changes to the hunter class, the rise and fall of resilience and the sad state of affairs of Alliance PvP in Emberstorm – I just haven’t found a lot to love lately.

The sad truth though is that for all of the excuses I can come up with in regards to how bad WoW PvP seems to be at the moment don’t hold a candle to the fact that I have let my PvP chops completely fall by the wayside.  Like anything that requires muscle memory to do well, you really need to practice PvP to be good at PvP.  I have not practiced in ages.  Thus – I am no longer good.

It’s time to get to goodering myself.

Step 1:

Faction Change to Horde….

Step 2:


Wait – what?   🙂

Okay – joking aside….

Step 1: Some visual learning aides are required – hit the hunter PvP video circuit…

Videos are a great way to pick up tips from folks that already have their PvP chops solid.  Quality is hit and miss of course and you’ll see a dozen blurry crapfests set to bad music to every useful video.  Here are a few that I find helpful for different reasons:

Kripparrian’s 3.2 PvP Video

Krip’ doesn’t follow the trend of stacking skads of resilience.  Instead – he combines really smooth moves with top quality PvE gear and (often) a pocket healer.  Hell – who needs resilience when  you’ve got a priest keeping you topped off.  Seriously though – Kripparrian’s videos are always high quality productions that are set to good music and are crystal clear to watch.  When I say his moves are smooth I mean it.  In a world where noob PvP’ers are frantically thrashing at their buttons, Krip’ manages to destroy people in detail by remembering a saying a lot of my buddies use when they practice room clearing.  Slow is smooth – smooth is fast.

This is Watupm – the video is kinda fuzzy but if you stop motion on his text hints – some are fairly useful.  It’s not all PvP canon by any means, but if you’re a new Hunter getting into PvP you can do a lot worse than watching this video and picking up some simple tips.

My personal favorite hunter PvP movies are probably those done by Danaik.  If you like to watch really good world PvP and want to see a survival hunter played to the very *teeth* – check these videos out.  One note of caution: Survival Hunters have seen a nerf or three since these were made and  you might not be able to reproduce some of the moves.  That said – Danaik makes a habit of destroying level 80 players while only level 72-73 herself.  It’s worth a watch to pick up some great moves as well as to enjoy probably the very best music selection in any Hunter PvP videos – PERIOD.  I’ve linked the first video – watch all 4 – or – better yet – head over to Warcraft Movies and watch the full length versions.

Okay –  that’s step one down.  We’re picking up some visual aides and getting ourselves in the mood.  The next steps?

  • Practice
  • Practice
  • Practice

At the moment I’m stuck playing on my laptop which isn’t the greatest for raiding or fast/furious pvp.  I need to address this, but it’s no excuse to not get out and play.  If I can manage to record a few clips that don’t suck – I’ll post them here.

How about the rest of you?  Any suggestions as I work toward the goodering of my PvP?  Videos?  Macros?  Websites?  Drop me a link!


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