Tree Hugging Elf…

2 Jul

If you haven’t seen MMO-Champion’s collection of screen shots from the Cataclysm Alpha – you really should stop by.  For myself – for the nature loving Taurahe that I have always been, and the reluctant Night Elf  I am shaped as now – it is a bitter collection.  Everywhere you look, the Horde is either mowing down trees with massive goblin built engines of destruction or they’re strip mining the earth for its wealth.  The screenshot of Garrosh is so horrid that he’s almost unrecognizable.

How a deeply spiritual and shamanistic people as the Orcs and Tauren could commit to these ravages and not be abandoned by their totem spirits I do not know.  While the quality of the writing going into WoW at any given time can best be described as “uneven” or “schizophrenic” – I have to admit that I’m extremely curious to see how the the story lines for both factions are to play out.  Have the “new” Horde slid back into being more of the “old” Horde with the blood lust and demonic taint?  Or are they simply recognizing the world for what it is – a hostile place where they are outnumbered and hated – and forced to drastic measures to survive?

I’m sure there will be a new Tauren archer to answer adventure’s call when Cataclysm erupts – but how long she lives will be determined by how much of the Old Horde I find.


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