Only Outland Remains…

30 Jun

Late last night I waved farewell to Sharpbeak as he and his parents winged gracefully past Elune and out over the Hinterlands.  It was a good feeling – work well done and a long time coming.  A glance at my quest counter told me that I only needed 3 more quests for Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms to be complete.  As much as I’ve enjoyed my time in old Azeroth, hunting down quests in the far corners of the globe for the past couple months has started to wear on me a bit.  I’m ready to go somewhere else – ready to enjoy the violet proto-drake I earned some months ago and have barely ridden.

Three quests.  Where to finish up?  My quest log was frightfully free of non-dungeon quests and I was tired – so nugging through Scholomance or Strat’ just didn’t seem to be on the agenda.  Instead I took a quick trip to Gnomeregan and killed off two quick jobs that didn’t even require me to enter the instance.  After that – a ride back to Ironforge for turn ins and a griffin to Arathi.  Sitting pretty at 699/700 I mounted up on my Winterspring Frostsaber and made for Faldir’s Cove.  It’s funny – when I started this Loremaster trudge, I often wondered if I’d try to finish the old world with a raid quest or something magnificent.  Instead – I chose to end somewhere I’d never been before.  As amazing as it might seem, in all the years I’ve played WoW – I have never visited the Blackwater Raiders dock tucked into the mountainous coast of Arathi.  Rainchaser had been the first of my toons to swim out to the dock and I can remember the relief that I felt as this newly discovered bit of the Eastern Kingdoms brought with it a wealth of easy quests that helped get me into the single digits for completion.  I’d saved the near last piece of the chain to finish my night – swimming back out to the dock and turning in my last quest.  As always – once the flourish and flash from the achievement are gone and the guild chat full of congratulations finally stilled – a little bit of emptiness set in.  It was truly good to be done – but kind of sad too.

In truth, these last few months immersed in old Azeroth are likely to be my last before Cataclysm breaks.  Part of me would like to take my original druid back through that part of the world again, but with 350 quests left in Outland still to do and the Lich King still up and kicking for my guild I might not make the time.  That too would be a bit sad as Windpaws (once known as Sequoia) has seen so much of the old world first hand and still remembers walking in triumph through Stormwind to unmask Onyxia and fight beside Marshal Windsor and Bolvar Fordragon.  It would be a shame if Wind’ couldn’t close that chapter out before the sundering as well, but we’ll see.  Only Outland remains – and I’ve axes to sharpen and arrows to fletch before this trip is done.


3 Responses to “Only Outland Remains…”

  1. Len June 30, 2010 at 18:12 #

    I’ve been Azeroth questing as well – originally for Seeker but now for Loremaster – and have to say that it’s been really fun. Much more so than I ever thought! I remember saying back in the days when achievements first came out ‘wow, if there’s one of these things I definitely won’t get, it’s Loremaster!’

    It’s going to be interesting scampering through Azeroth on a brand new alt or two and seeing what’s changed now I’ve finally quested through all the zones.

    My personal stumbling block has been Northrend – I just can’t get my head around Zul’Drak and Howling Fjord!

  2. Nora July 1, 2010 at 13:02 #


  3. Durkonkell July 6, 2010 at 15:20 #

    Congratulations to you!

    I have to say, I really like Outland. Some of the quests aren’t as well engineered as the ones in Northrend, but I enjoyed my time there on both post-70 characters I have. Tempted to do Loremaster, but I have an utterly rediculous number of quests to do on both old-world continents.

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