The (new) Orgrimmar

14 Jun

** Fair warning folks – this is an old article that will not jive with just how frakking AWESOME the new Orgimmar actually is.  If you’d like to read about my fears of what Org’ could have become back before the beta started – by all means – plod on.  Otherwise – nothing to see here 😉

Yeah – I’ve been really quiet since summer started.  Sorry – sun is shining – the rivers are running and I’m enjoying them.  There are plenty of other sites out that are full of pre-Cataclysm speculation and frenzied theory crafting – so feel free to hit a link to one of them over on the right.

Nah  – I haven’t been moved to write about much as there just hasn’t been all that much to write about.  Rain’ continues her slow and methodical march toward Loremaster / Seeker – putting down Kalimdor finally and about halfway through Eastern Kingdoms.  The faction change has made this particular quest much harder, gutting quest totals for Outlands and pretty much guaranteeing that Rain’ will have to revisit every Burning Crusade zone in its entirety.

We’ll get there.  We’ll get there.

No – what really caught me up was the recent flyover video that Wowhead and have been flying from Blizzard’s recent Cataclysm press event.  It’s brief of course – just some glances at the goblin city in Azshara complete with its own Wave Motion Gun, some great shots of 1k Needles, Stormwind’s new scar – oh and the rape of Orgrimmar.

That’s right you heard me.

No – don’t get me wrong – they’ve done Org’ proud as far as attending to the detail of its looks and the attending martial pride of the Orc people.  But where Thrall’s Orgimmar was all sunbaked rock and open blue sky, Garrosh’s Orgimmar is a grim place of war.  Spears and glaives jut from every structure, no matter how small or insignificant.  The seat of the Warchief’s power has been moved from the Valley of Wisdom to the front gates.  I don’t know if the bank or auction house still survive there, if they do it’s a stark change for the horde that their leader would take leave of wisdom for commerce.  I suppose it will make it easier for Alliance “For the Alliance” raids to actually made it to Garrosh – and from what I’ve seen of Alliance pvp capability thus far – they still need all the help they can get.

Orgrimmar was one of my favorite Horde cities.  Running within its walls always gave me a lift that running through Stormwind never has.  We’ll see for certain when the Cataclysm truly breaks – but I have a feeling it will never quite feel like home again.


4 Responses to “The (new) Orgrimmar”

  1. Nora June 15, 2010 at 12:30 #

    I saw the announcement about Ogrimarr. Now, being a long-time Alliance player, my ventures through Ogrimarr were usually more along the lines of “Crap oh crap there’s a belf paladin there, hurry up and get the fire before we get …..aaaaaand, dead.” But still, it comes as a big surprise. In terms of the direction they’re moving with the lore though, it makes sense. Garrosh isn’t interested in peace, he wants war and he wants power. I read somewhere about how telling it is that he moved his throne from the Halls of Wisdom to where it is. (Sorry, I know it’s not a hall but I’m drawing a blank in the actual name.)

    I’m very curious how this shift in Horde politics will play out among the player base, especially in the world of faction changes. I’d be hard pressed to name a single Horde player I know that’s very pleased with the direction – between killing off Cairne and then handing Ogrimarr to Garrosh, there are some severely ruffled feathers out there. So it’s possible there might be a shift in the player base overall towards Alliance, between those issues and the introduction of Worgen (though me, I *love* the new goblin city). On the other hand, I doubt much in the actual playstyle will change – PvP will still be largely dominated by the Horde, most top raiding guilds will still most likely be Horde, so people may grumble but ultimately remain where they are.

    In any case, definitely some interesting times ahead.

  2. Nora June 15, 2010 at 12:31 #

    Durrr, I kin spell gud. Orgrimmar!

  3. Negathle June 17, 2010 at 19:00 #

    From my friends that are playing Cataclysm alpha, they say that the “Horde: Bad, Alliance: Good” is turned up to the max, and I can’t stand that. The whole concept of WoW was that neither were “bad” or “good” – both sides were trying to make their way as best as they could. This stigmatization of the Horde is bullshit. I’m glad I quit before I see it come to fruition.

  4. Nora June 21, 2010 at 19:41 #

    I’d have to agree, that’s disappointing. Now – I play Alliance namely because I come from a D&D background and that’s where all the “player races” are. 😉 I definitely like that the Horde has a different feel, and some degree of dubious and questionable orc behavior during the wars while under Kil’Jadeen’s control, because I think it makes them complex. Same way that while I’m appalled by the Alliance actions with the orc war prisoners, I also like that both sides are imperfect and have both good and evil members.

    It definitely sounds like they’re really pushing the “Horde are cruel, evil savages” line though, and that’s disappointing. I can’t imagine the elves or tauren suddenly going along with the worst of the “kill everything that moves” days of orcish corruption under the blood lust (Forsaken, well maybe…) So – why are the devs going that way?

    It’s even more surprising because to me, the devs have a HUGE crush on Thrall and the Horde. I mean really – it’s not a statue of a mechanostrider outside their HQ right? Very bizarre direction Cata is going.

    Latest uh-oh moment is that the Horde has now allied and has a faction with the tribes that enslaved the red dragons? Even if I played Horde, no way I would grind rep for that faction. That makes absolutely no sense to me from any perspective in the lore, *especially* not in light of how instrumental the Red dragonflight was to both Horde and Alliance throughout WotLK.

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