30 Mar

So short of being a professional fantasy author, a fully funded explorer or a lottery winner – working for Blizzard’s CDev team would be pretty damn neat.

The CDev team or “Creative Development” team is a group within Blizzard that manages the histories and published story lines for all of their game properties.

Well, they have their own board over at Blizzard’s Official Forums now.  The intent behind the new forum is to allow the creative team to interact more with gamers in hopes of better shaping the ongoing story that we all share.

I have to say that I’m encouraged by this.  There are so many facets to the game that seem to get completely ignored.  While big names like Richard Knaak, Christie Golden and Jeff Grubb have done fine work in the past to create the world and it’s most memorable characters, there has been a complete glut of stories about the rank and file of Azeroth, the every day people that live, die and strive in the same world, but don’t bear the names Proudmoore, Windrunner or Hellscream.

I’ve dug through a few posts already and have seen a number of promising threads.  There are some calling for more Tauren centric lore and stories (gotta love that) and others expounding on their favorite in game themes.  Of course there are some typical LoL-threads out there too, like “Is Thrall Homo” (complete with a link to a You-Tube clip – it’s been deleted by forum moderators already – so don’t bother.)

Still, CDev’s entrance onto the official forums is a really positive move and one I plan on following closely.


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