The Loss of a Gathering Profession

25 Mar

Here’s a question:

Are gathering professions really worth having anymore?  Like most folks I “grew up” with complimentary gathering / crafting professions as I leveled and for the most part it was good.

Then I learned how to really use the auction house.

And I have to wonder why I bothered gathering.  Most mats for anything I want to craft are tossed up on the AH by enterprising farmers or players leveling.  In many cases, the mats are more than cheap enough that I can keep a steady income of around 300-700 gold  a day just buying and crafting or buying and reposting at a higher price.

Now I suppose an argument for gathering might be what I’m seeing on the Horde side auction house.  The leather market (which has always made up a large percentage of my overall sales) has been tied up by a handful of goblins.  They keep prices exorbitantly high – well above cost for anything you might try to craft.  Worse, they also seem to have a lock on the farmers, so very little useful material makes it into the pipeline.  In this situation, having a character that can skin can be useful.  After all, If I really need money, I can always farm for an hour or two and come away with a stack of mats to keep me going.

But who wants to do that?  With my primary market denied to me I simply moved on to other markets where I have crafters or transmuters available and simply try to wait until the leather prices free up.  Either way – I win.

On the Alliance side, the situation is different.  While a goblin or two might take a swing at the mats market, it rarely seems to stick.  All I have to do is bide my time and before you know it, there are stacks and stacks of reasonably priced leather flooding the AH.  In a few minutes a day I can keep a steady stream of income rolling in.  Much better than farming.

Regardless of faction, it seems like folks really serious about maximizing their in game income are turning to their crafting skills and Auction House chops vs. relying on their gathering abilities.

What about you?


3 Responses to “The Loss of a Gathering Profession”

  1. Elionene March 25, 2010 at 19:38 #

    I dislike farming… and I don’t like changing professions. So my leather worker is my skinner, my alchemist is my herbalist (granted I switched to herbalism at 80 after leveling enchanting), and my engineers and blacksmiths are all miners. I use what I gather as I level, and then I buy what I don’t gather because I dislike farming.

    All of my professions were picked primarily out of character development and the usefulness of the gathering with the crafting profession. And I do rather enjoy being able to skin things in dungeons and raids as we go.

    This all comes from the perspective of someone who does not play the auction hall and only goes to it for raiding mats occasionally.

  2. Jaedia March 25, 2010 at 22:07 #

    My favourite use for a gathering profession is comparing the price of ore and bars (mostly for Mithril/Thorium/Adamantite) and if the bars are more expensive by a large margin, I’ll buy a couple of stcks of ore, smelt, and sell.

  3. Lyraat March 26, 2010 at 15:48 #

    I dropped mining for blacksmithing last month. Hurts. Ore sells well and prospecting for free gems is easy money. I suppose if I were serious about making money, BS might be profitable. But I picked it up for raiding utility (2 sockets = win).

    Someday I will roll a mage alt with JC and enchanting. Should take me a couple weeks, maybe a month of sitting in trade before I can buy my chopper 😀

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