12 Mar

No – I haven’t rerolled.  Short of Cataclysm I doubt I’d do it either.  Too much time spent in the old world for the nostalgia to last much farther than my first run back through the Barrens.

That said – why is it that every couple of months I get the urge to dump my mains and scramble off to some out of the way PvP server and start over fresh?

It makes no sense.  The characters I’m playing right now are very well geared, nicely set up with gold and complimentary trade skills.  For the first time ever I’ve hit over 10k gold on one toon and have a nice, steady system for making even more.

So why throw all of that away?  The titles, the gear, the gold?

I’m not even going to get into the whole memories part.  Why would I want to abandon a character that I’ve seen so much of the wide WoW world on in favor of some new toon with lint in his pockets and absolutely no history?

Or is that the point of it all?  The simple act of starting over fresh and making right all the failings of the past?

And really – if you did – would it even matter?

Ever get like this?  Where you just want to throw it all away and start over?  Have you tried it before?  If so – what happened?


2 Responses to “Reroll”

  1. Stupid Mage March 13, 2010 at 00:20 #

    I’ve rolled new on other servers to say hello or possibly run with other friends but it never worked out. After just a few levels I end up missing stuff like being able to kill things at a decent rate and going from place to place at a decent speed.

  2. Kainda March 13, 2010 at 17:20 #

    I have, in fact, gotten like this. Although I have only been playing WoW for almost a year now, I often wonder what would happen if it I just up and started all over. But then I look at my lower level alts and wonder if, in a way, they count as doing just that. Especially since I am leveling one by myself while all the others I have leveled have been with my boyfriend. It is a very frustrating feeling, not knowing if what you are doing should be what you always do, or if trying it all over in a different way might be best.

    I just confused myself… I will just go work on my alts now…

    ~Kai (Meja in SAN)~

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