Old Wounds…

12 Feb

The staff struck like a falling mountain.  Heads turned and warriors young and old watched as the she-tauren methodically dismantled a training dummy.

Stone Guard Tigerclaw spun the length of iron shod wood in a simple arc about her body and with an efficient, brutal grace borne from decades of practice, used hips and arms and shoulders to slam the weapon into the dummy again.

Wooden parts arced into the air, a puff of straw that had been the training targets proud coif of hair rained to the ground.

“Brutal victory, Stone Guard – your foe appears vanquished, will you show him mercy?”

Tigerclaw cast a glance at the Kor’kron commander standing at the edge of the training grounds.  Wordlessly she completed the arc of her original movement, economical steps, a pivot, and the staff struck like thunder again.

One of the colts in the youth brigade whooped as the training dummies head sailed through the air, bisecting the warm summer sun as it trailed straw in lazy pinwheels.

Tigerclaw regarded the grinning Kor’kron as she strode over toward a  hanging bucket of water.  She ladled out two long drinks and saved a third to pour over her head.

“What do you want, Ironeyes?” She asked tonelessly.  The orc barked a laugh in response.

“Want?  What do I want?  What gratitude is this?  I spend six hours, six hours at the mercy of mad goblin air ship pilots just to get here.  Just to see how my shield sister is healing!”

Tigerclaw paused for a moment as she ran a rough towel over her face and through her cobalt mane.  She cocked an eyebrow at the orc.

The newly minted Kor’kron officer barked another laugh and regarded his tauren friend appraisingly.  Tigerclaw was healing, the scars that ran in manic cross hatches across her ivory hide growing less and less evident.  She was fit too, fit and obviously still dangerous with a weapon.

“I come here to see my shield sister and to wonder why, after the blood and the glory of the past six months that she has seen fit to retire from service to the Horde.”

Tigerclaw’s glare was poisonous.

“I still serve the Horde,” was all she said.

“Indeed, but not the army, and I have to wonder why?”


Yeah…Neg’s made me feel guilty.  I haven’t been writing.  It’s hard.  I need to start again…little steps…

For you new people, I have one thing.

Everyone fights…no one quits…


Sorry – flashback.

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One Response to “Old Wounds…”

  1. Negathle February 12, 2010 at 21:19 #

    Woot! Small steps are good. It’s better than trying to hit inspiration over the head with a stick, at least (though, that is what it feels like).

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