So..about those resolutions

4 Feb

[Evil Inner Monologue] says:  Hey dummy, hate to spoil all your fun with the new dungeon finder, but aren’t you forgetting something?

[windpaw] says: I told her I’d carry out the trash in a minute okay – now shaddup – trying to tank here….96969696

[Evil Inner Monologue] says: Okay – fine – but you told me to bug you about this.  It’s no fault but your own when time runs out.

[windpaw] says: 969696….wait…when time runs out?…::sigh::

[windpaw] says: Okay – fine – you have my full attention now, what is it you want?  What am I forgetting?

[Evil Inner Monologue] says: Your resolutions – your New Years Resolutions.

[windpaw] says: Get in shape, lose weight, spend more time with the kids?

[Evil Inner Monologue] says: No dummy – your Warcraft Resolutions…you wrote a blog post about them a while back?

[windpaw] says: ::blinks:: oh yeah….

Okay folks – we’re into February now – how are we all doing on our WoW based New Years Resolutions?  Me – I’m sliding *backwards* (as usual).  Let’s take a look:

  1. Loremaster Title for Rainchaser
  2. Seeker Title for Rainchaser
  3. Njordnar Bone Bow (the 251 version even…I’m not greedy)
  4. Swift Zulian Tiger

So Where Am I?

The last time we visited, Rain’ was trudging her way to victory in regards to her Loremaster and Seeker initiatives.  She managed to put Loremaster of Northrend in the bag and was happily past 2000 quests and headed toward 3000.

Well – then faction change jumped up and did a number on pretty much all of my previous work.  Since the act of faction changing dumps anything faction specific you’ve ever done, I effectively set myself back by hundreds of quests.  Where before I was around 2037 of 3000 towards Seeker, I’m now 1289 of 3000.


My Loremaster Numbers are equally buggered.

So I’m not calling this hopeless or a wash (far from it) – I’ve just set myself back a fair bit.  On the plus side – I have a fantastic guild now.  The cost was worth it.

What about that Njordnar Bone Bow ?  Lady Deathwhisper has yet to cough it up.  She will though.  Remember that fantastic guild I mentioned?  Yeah – like I said – totally worth it.

The Swift Zulian Tiger ?  No luck so far.  But to be honest – with Rainchaser on the bench (save raid nights) and so much of my effort focused on Keladryn, I haven’t been back to ZG very much lately.  For a while I was hitting Zul’Gurub at least twice a week.  Now I’m lucky to go back 2-3 times a month.  I better get back to it.

So how about the rest of you?  Did you make any in-game resolutions?  How are you doing so far?


4 Responses to “So..about those resolutions”

  1. Nora February 4, 2010 at 19:51 #

    Let’s see…

    Shaman blog ( is coming along. It’s not exactly taking the internet by storm *cough* but I dutifully try to update it once a week nevertheless. I’m going through a series of pieces on the lore of Shamanism, with which I’ve been having fun. Tomorrow is orc day!

    Nora is raid geared (well, by *my* count, anyway). Then we encountered this little ensemble of misery called “Blood Prince Council”, and I realized that oh golly goodie gosh! I get to grind out a whole *NEW* set of EoT gear just for this fight. Wheeeeee! (And by “Whee”, I really mean “Boo”.) But, I still count it as checked off the list.

    Guild appears to be running smoothly overall. I’ve timed the lifecycle of our guild’s drama to about 6 month periods – usually around 5 or 6 months of perfect quiet, then a little blip of what we consider drama, two weeks of course correction, and back to 6 months. Just got the blip out of the way, so should be smooth sailing til Cataclysm! /checks off list

    Dwarf and goblin shamans, still waiting on those.

    In the meantime, I will amuse myself with a dwarven shadow/discipline priestess. Conveniently enough, she just happens to be around the same level as a hubby’s DK and a friend’s tankadin. 😀 So until Cataclysm, new goal is leveling Eagdyth.

    My other long term goal, along the lines of your Swift Tiger, is Rusted Proto Drake. As of last night’s short but sweet run, we are now just under halfway there. Huzzah! Sadly, the going gets rough pretty quickly on those as we get into the really nasty ones (like Yogg or Mimiron hard modes), but at least I’m with friends. And there’s Yakkity Sax. *And* – I have my index cards!!! What else do I need for instant raid glory?

    I wonder if Ensidia plays a lot of Dan Band and Yakkity Sax in their raids. If not, I think they should. *sage nod*

  2. Len February 5, 2010 at 19:12 #

    Urm… lessee.. what did I say I was going to do again?

    I’ve gotten pretty much nowhere :/ No further into Glory of the Hero, minimal amount of further quests completed for The Seeker, and I can’t finish the holiday event meta until the next children’s week. Doh. To be honest I haven’t put any effort into these things, my attention tends to wander so I’ve been having fun gearing up my paladin as a healer.

    I was very put off my Seeker quest when my quests completed randomly went from just under 2500 to under 2300, not sure what went on there! No faction changes or anything!

  3. Windpaw February 5, 2010 at 19:19 #

    @Len – that sudden and unmistakable loss of 100-200 quests was Blizzard resetting all of the “holiday” quests you did the past year. You remember – all the candy – all the ancestors visited – etc. Yeah – all of those. They “count” toward our totals – but Blizzard will reset them (so you can complete them again) each year.

    I dinged the 2000 quest achievement right before they did that. A couple of days later I logged back in and found that I was missing around 200 quests from my *overall* totals – but not from my Loremaster of EK / Kalimdor totals. I did a little forum hunting and learned about the holiday quest reset.

    It’s a pain – but we can work past it!

  4. Nora February 6, 2010 at 03:00 #

    Gratz on knocking one of those off your list!

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